Friday, 22 December 2017


So December has whizzed by, along with October and November... and the rest of the year, and I wanted to stop by the blog before Santa arrives with some very important announcements.... CANNONBALL! No, sorry, that's not it... we watched Anchorman this week, can you tell?

Sorry, I digress... ahem!

The kitties and I have been SUPER busy elves this festive season and we wanted to thank you all for your sunshine love and support once again. I never expected to be as busy as I have been recently and that's all down to YOU! I wouldn't be here, doing this Sunshine gig without you all - from the odd like and comment on social media to every single order, it all makes this possible, YOU make this possible and I am forever grateful for your support!

But it's not just me you've supported this Christmas, with your help and enthusiasm towards some new products, I was able to donate some cash monies to two charities recently, which is amazing!

After a last minute decision to release a limited number of 5 sweary jumpers, Toby Cat was able to donate £10 to Save The Children for #ChristmasJumperDay. Thanks to my sister for inspiring me to make a jumper with one of her fave swears on and Laura at Bespoke Laser UK for turning them around so quickly, these guys flew out of the shop. (I realise it's slightly inappropriate that a swear word raises money for a children's charity but it's all for a good cause).

Don't worry if you missed out though, I'm 100% bringing the jumpers (and ALL THE SWEARS!) back for next year and also considering on making them an all year round offering... I mean everyone loves jumpers and needs them throughout the year, right?

This week I was also able to hop on Pi (my bicycle) to visit the Cambridge Blue Cross Re-homing Centre and make a £20 donation after selling some of my #hellosunshineINKtober cat and dog prints too. I only sold 5 prints (£10 worth of donations) but wanted to match that to bump it up in time for Christmas as they work so hard looking after so many unwanted pets and every penny counts.

I'll be keeping the prints of my INKtober cats and dogs in the Sunshine shop too, with the hope to be able to pop back to Blue Cross again (and again?) in the New Year too. I may have also picked up a foster info pack too... but don't tell Toby and Pegs yet will you?

The donations may be small and it may not sound like a lot of money or a big deal to some but to be able to support myself by doing the job I love AND be able to donate to charities every so often is a really big deal to me, and hopefully means just as much to the charities so again, thank YOU for enabling me to do it!

Today is the last morning I'll be in the studio, finishing off any orders and having a BIG ol' tidy (actually can't bloody wait to have a clear out and clean!) I'll be leaving the shops open over Christmas but NOTHING will be posted until Thursday the 4th of January 2018, so please bear that in mind if you spend any of your Christmas pennies in the shop at all before then.

Before I run off to enjoy the Christmas break, I have one more important thing to say... I want to wish you all the happiest of Christmases and the shiniest of New Year's too! THANK YOU for being so damn brilliant throughout the year and I hope Santa brings you everything you wished for.

I *may* be back with one more blog post before the New Year lands but until then, enjoy all the cheese, all the chocolates, all the mulled wine and all the festive feels!



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