Saturday, 23 December 2017

All of the 2016 Adventures doodles... finally!

You know what they say... better late than never? Well, I'd like to share something that is almost a year late. Oops! You may or may not remember, that during 2016 I had started to document some of our little adventures in a new Adventure Sunshine style doodle, I wrote a bit about it in July 2016 here.

At that point I was over half way through the year and had about 6 doodles underway:

NYE 2015/16 : Staying in a tent up a tree for the night

January : A week in Cornwall overlooking the sea

January : 2 weeks exploring Colorado & Utah

Easter : Snow up Helvellyn and waterfalls and Pancakes in the valleys

April : British Craft Trade Fair camp out

May : Lazy mornings and kitty cuddles at Sunshine Towers

Although I kept scribbling after our little adventures and trips away, I failed to complete most of my Adventure doodles for 2016  *sob*  HOWEVER... I've been chipping away at them throughout 2017, determined to finish the last four and complete the years memories in doodle form and here they are!

August : Sea swims & kippers in Northumberland and a trip to YSP

September : Clouds in the mountains and bouncing in caves below

October : Surfing, txakoli and pintxos

NYE 2016/17 : Hikes up Blencathra and hot tubs at Nethy Bridge

It's so nice to see the years adventures in doodle form and I'm sure I could have drawn so many more to capture the odd day trip and jaunt... but I then I may never have finished them! 

I would love to tell you I kept going with them throughout 2017 but alas, I did not. With a more hectic work load this year and quite a few more mini adventures then last year, I just stuck to using instagram... I'll chat a bit more about the snaps and places we went to another time though!

I hope you enjoyed the little update... however late it may be and who knows... maybe I can think of another fun way to document all our little adventures in the next shiny new year... there are a few BIG ones to come that's for sure!

Until then though.... HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVE EVE! Eep!


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