Monday, 27 February 2017

A year to make and break habits?

Following on with my 'late to the new year' theme going on so far, I thought I'd carry on with my writing roll (while it lasts) and share a little post about the year ahoy for me personally - a more business focussed post will come later. In the past I've called stuff like this resolutions, goals, mini missions etc and have always been quite specific about things I want to achieve or aim for but this year I want to try something a bit different.

I tend to freak out when I put a lot of pressure on myself to do things so this year I'm trying to put a different spin on it all. This year I'm going to lay out a little personal tick list for myself (because I bloody love a good list) and in the same way I enjoy ticking off little daily tasks I'm hoping I will enjoy trying to tick things off this one too. 2017 is the year I'd like to create myself some new habits... and in the process actually break some naughty ones... maybe!

less and more list of mini objectives to consider
image : Pinterest link

So here is my little list for you to see (and feel free to hold me accountable for these at any point in the year!) Some might seem a bit predictable or a bit silly but for me, I know they will make a difference - even if I just try, let alone if I actually keep them up!

D R I N K  M O R E  W A T E R
Swap water for tea and I'd already win at this hands down but my skin and energy levels suffer when I don't drink the clear stuff enough. I know this and need to get in to the habit of filling my water bottle several times a day to sip on (I'd say glass but they always end up with a cat in them!).

Cat glass, full of water, with a cat in the glass!

It might actually help reduce the amount of caffeine I must consume too, which has to be a good thing. Oh and while we're reducing things let's throw in drinking less booze too as it's become far too easy to relax with a glass of vino in the evenings and this is not a habit I need to stick to.

W I W T  D O O D L E S
I used to do these regularly a few years ago (and even had one published in a book - I wrote about the excitement of it here).  I loved doing them, for no other reason than a bit of me time, a bit of fun doodling and just to capture a little snapshot of the month. For one reason or another, mainly time, I stopped drawing these back in 2013.

However! 2017 is going to see them return, in a slightly different style and one that will help me keep up with them each month too! YAY! I shared a peek at the end of January when I started them again and here it is again...

Cartoon style illustration of Jo Want, Hello Sunshine

...February has just been finished, and before the end of the month tomorrow (wtf! where did that month go?!?) I'll be adding it to the shiny new What I Wore Today 2017 album over on the Facebook Page too. They make me happy for many reasons so here's to more happy-jo-time each month!

W E D D I N G  P L A N N I N G  T I M E
I think this may be a pretty handy joint plan we've decided on this year, mainly to help keep things moving and so I don't get too overwhelmed with everything. So once a week Will and I are going to make sure we talk big day schiz, I mean otherwise we won't do it and I'll just keep putting things off and we'll never pick a date! Plus it's a nice excuse to have a bit of a date night once a week too.

Jo & Will Marmite jar

B E D  T I M E  R E A D I N G  
I'm sure I'm not the only one guilty of staring at their phone before getting in to bed, even if it's just a cheeky check on Instagram to reply to some comments or catch up on pretty snaps. It affects how quickly I fall to sleep and can heavily influence the craziness of my dreams sometimes too! Last year I tried to read a bit before bed each night (it only lasted a few weeks), granted it was mainly comic books but it really made a difference to how calm I felt before bed as I often feel anxious at night.

Black cats and comic books

So this year I'm trying my best to do it even more, every night would be ideal but there are some evenings I just can't keep my peepers open - even for phone peeking let alone reading!

G E T  O U T D O O R S
I mentioned this is my little review of 2016 and it's a super important habit to keep up... I will take my ass outside at least once a day! I realise this sounds crazy because I guess lots of people have to get up and out for work, school runs, dog walks etc. Don't get me wrong, generally I'm pretty active when it comes to getting out and about - I go a bit crazy if I don't and with all the little adventures we plan it probably looks like we're always outdoors!

snapshot from a bike ride last summer to a yellow field in Horningsea village

However when the busy times of year take over or I feel a bit lost in my little black rain cloud days I can often find myself working through the day and late into the evening having not left the house. Not this year though, even if it's just a walk to the post box I will be outside every damn day!

C L I M B I N G 
Will is a big climber, he used to go a helluvalot more before he moved to the flat lands of Cambridgeshire, and as limited as the climbing around here is he still used to go a lot before he met me. So, another joint plan for the year... when we have a weekend that we're both at home without full on plans (rarely happens but there's hope!) we have agreed to spend a morning climbing together at Milton Keynes.

La Sportiva Jeckyl climbing shoe - all the gear no idea!

It's a bit of a drive but we did it this weekend and made the most of the time in Bedfordshire by having a picnic lunch at Sharpenhoe Clappers afterwards... there's also an Ikea mighty close by too!

For me, it's so I can improve my confidence as currently I daren't go climbing through fear of everyone laughing at me and for Will, it's so he can get more out of something he loves - climbing and me! haha!

After nearly 6 months Enid and I are friends! (Enid is the VW Golf who replaced our Smart Car last Summer). I realise this might sound bonkers but I don't drive often at all and since moving to Cambridge I only drove Smarty Smart a few times and that was basically just a big go-kart! So when Will bought Enid I was a bit nervous about driving her as she seemed much bigger. As time went on I managed to freak myself out more and more about driving her to the point I just didn't - I mean I barely need to drive here anyway so that didn't help!

Aaaanyway... last week I smashed my stupid insecurities and fears by driving down the A14 to Tesco AND on Saturday night I drove us all the way back from Nottingham. WOO! So here's to getting in the habit of driving more and getting my confidence back - after all I will want to drive my dream Campervan when they day comes!

...because it shouldn't be this hard to do it daily! I feel very lucky in that the dentist often compliments my teeth and how healthy my mouth is but I ALWAYS get told off for not flossing, especially when I moan about the tea stains that build up between my teeth because... yup, you guessed it... because I don't floss.

Take care of your teeth and floss

So...floss harps at the ready, I will get into the habit, even if it's just a couple of times a week! Oh and yes, floss harps are a must for me because embarrassing as it is, I always get in a mess with that bloomin' floss string you pull from a box!

So there you have it a few of the habits I'd like to pick up over the year... feels good to write them all down and hopefully I'll feel even better if I manage to keep them up.

Have you set yourself any goals, habits, new years resolutions? Or do you have any new routine goals maybe? Either way I'd love to know if you'd like to share in the comments below and Good Luck with what you may have set yourself... I'm off to floss now!


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  1. Oh god I need to start flossing, and go to the dreaded dentist! I started reading at bedtime again in January, to read those books I've got stacking up and also to switch off from all the horrible news on social media!