Friday, 28 October 2016

✨ SpoOOooOOky little announcement ✨

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If that wasn't enough of a treat, all orders placed between now and Monday will also get extra little Halloweeny treats thrown in πŸŽƒ  That's if Toby Cat doesn't pinch them all first....

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Wishing you all a spook-tacular Friday and Happy Halloween!


Friday, 21 October 2016

Friday Sunshine ☀︎

Hello and HAPPY FRIDAY lovelies! I hope you've had a great week so far and if not, I hope this little injection of Sunshine helps put a smile on your face!

I thought I'd share a few peeks of recent Sunshine doodles I've been creating as part of INKtober and also in preparation for my first ever LIVE PORTRAIT event. Eek! I'm not going to lie, although I'm rather looking forward to getting to draw lots of different Sunshines all day, I'm also a tiny (massive) bit scared about the idea of painting in front of people - so much so that I very nearly decided to pull out of doing it!

However, I have decided to embrace the fear (if you never try, you'll never know right?) and after enjoying playing with new ink pens, watercolours and a variety of friends, family and magazines as inspiration I think I'm actually more excited than scared... that might change on the morning of the Handmade Nottingham Winter Market though.

So... here are a few of the portraits and scenes from my desk over the past couple of weeks, including a couple of outtakes of Pegs fighting for my paint water!

I hope you like them and if you're in Nottingham on Sunday 13th November be sure to pop by the Malt Cross, have a wander around the market stalls and come see me making a mess and painting people in the corner!



Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Dates for your diary...

It's that time of year again when the cat dungardress and cheesy grin comes out more often to play behind a stall full of Sunshine! So I thought I'd write a quick little post with all of my upcoming events between now and dare I say it... CHRISTMAS! YAY!

So go grab your diaries and pencil in the following events if you fancy some festive shopping and especially if you're interested in popping along to see me try something completely new at one of the events... live Sunshine portraits! YIKES!



This is where you'll find me set up and ready to paint people! YIKES! Yup, you read it right, I will be sat in the Malt Cross but not behind a stall this time, come and sit for your very own Sunshine portrait. They will take 10 minutes and cost £15 per person for an A5 watercolour and ink portrait.




Phew! And that's where you'll find me this festive season! There maybe a couple more popping up but I'll be sure to update you with any more must know event dates and you can always sign up to my newsletter here or pop over to the Hello Sunshine facebook page where all of the events are also listed.

In the mean time... please excuse me as I have some watercolour and ink portraits to practice and a butt load of Christmas jewellery treats to make for you all! YAY! 


Friday, 14 October 2016

A bit of Royal Friday Sunshine ☀︎

Don't worry, after Wednesday's epic waffle I promise this post will be short and sweet, as well as being mind-blowingly exciting! Well maybe the latter is more relevant to me but still...

For this week's Friday Sunshine I'm SO EXCITED (and a teeny bit proud) to be able to introduce you to Clarence the Corgi who is soon to make an appearance on new products for The Royal Yacht Britannia! EEK!

I was thrilled and honoured to be asked by the team at The Royal Yacht Britannia to design him towards the end of last year. It's felt like aaaaaages that I've had to keep this to myself and I still have to keep pinching myself to believe it's all coming to life now. I just hope Her Maj approves of my Corgi doodles too!

You can read a bit more about it and their other work with British Creatives over on their blog at:

See I told you it was short, sweet and EXCITING! I hope you agree with at least one of those statements anywho...



Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Wednesday Sunshine ☀︎

Crikey! It's been a while hasn't it?! I must apologise, things have been rather hectic these last few weeks and blogging (even remembering to schedule pre-written stuff) has fallen off my radar *slapped wrists* So I thought as it's been so long I'd write a 'Wednesday Sunshine post' as well as planning a rather exciting Friday one for later this week!

So what on earth have I been up to since the last Friday Sunshine post? Which was over a month ago now - YIKES! Well, in a nutshell (and between day to day work/admin/studio life) I have...

Grown project Van with the addition of a motherflippin' PIN!

Designed a map and bingo card for the Cambridge Photowalk

Taken part in some pretty amazing blog interviews

Continued training for and COMPLETED my very first MARATHON!

Been blown away by an amazing feature in Caboodle

Had a sunny, fun and food-filled holiday in the Basque Country

...and then I returned home to be knocked sideways by the lurgy! YUK!

I'm starting to feel a little better now though thank goodness - after nearly a week of snot and germs! I think my body just had to shout at me (quite loudly) after all the running about, work and adventuring I've been cramming in to my days this last month.

So I've been taking it slow recently, mainly because I've felt terrible but also because it's important to once in a while and it's been nice to take time to catch up mentally with everything that's been going on lately. It's also allowed me to try to think more about the coming months and attempt to get organised again... instead of write pointless panicked lists and cry which I tend to do when I'm run down and stressed.

Germs aside though, a fair bit has happened this past week which I'd like to shout about before I run off to fetch more tissues and drugs (prescribed ones that is).

On Monday, the wonderful Copper Boom Studio launched their amazing Crowd Funder, which I'm so excited and super proud to be a teeny tiny part of! Copper Boom Studio is a new, fast growing business created specifically to help small, independent businesses grow and succeed. It's AMAZING and you should definitely pop over to the crowd funding page below and watch the lovely video to find out more about how you can show you support and also get your mitts on some Gilmore Girls inspired pins!

I've also continued with my little #HelloSunshineINKtober project and started a little album over on my Facebook Page. Being able to do small, quick doodles and play with ink and paint has helped me feel like I'm actually getting something done in between the naps and snotty sofa time too!

I was accepted to Renegade Craft Fair in London again! Which filled me with equal amounts of excitement and workload panic at the same time. It's an honour to be able to say I'm going back though and I can't wait to see lots of familiar, creative faces and catch up with all those I instastalk!

...and I tided the studio! I know, it might not seem like a big deal but when you're poorly and everything seems like a struggle it feels like a BIG achievement!

Anywho, that's it from me for now, I hope you didn't miss me too much whilst I was neglecting my blog and I hope you've all had a lovely week so far with lots to look forward to this weekend!



Wednesday, 5 October 2016


I might not be able to keep this up all month but what the hell... I thought I'd take part in INKtober (although I haven't started with the official prompts, just playing with ink pens & watercolours).  If you're interested in how my scribblings with ink and paint go, feel free to follow the hashtag #HelloSunshineINKtober over on Instagram.

I started the month with drawing the plants in and around our Airbnb on holiday and continued to pick up my sketchbook and pens/paints every day since... here's what it's looking like so far...

I hope you'll continue to follow along too!