Sunday, 21 August 2016


I've already shared a couple of sneak peeks about Project Van recently but I thought it was about time I introduced my newest project properly...

It has always been a dream of mine to own a Sunshine Campervan, a bright yellow split screen VW to be precise. This project is my way of bringing that dream to life by continuing to draw different campers and create exciting new products to share with you all, including brand new jewellery, colouring in pages and greeting cards to name but a few! YAY! 

It is completely inspired by my Nanna and Grandad’s beautiful old VW Campervan, which they had when I was rather small. I have many fond memories of taking trips in the camper, especially to Attenborough Nature Reserve to feed the ducks! I also remember playing in the van when it was parked on the driveway and thinking how magic is was to have a mini kitchen in there! I also used to LOVE hearing stories about the trips and holidays they had there too.

The family history and my deep rooted love of Campervans means that I am extremely overexcited about ‘Project Van’ and have had so many ideas for brand new Sunshine whizzing round in my head for so long now I decided to make it REAL! So... here's hoping all of the daydreaming, previous van doodling and new planning I’ve been doing works out. 

The ULTIMATE DREAM and goal is to be to make enough money from this project to combine with a little bit of inheritance my beautiful grandparents left me and fund my very own van! It's a BIG dream and may not even be possible but I'm gonna try my bloody best to get there and have loads of fun making campervan themed goodies for you lovely lot along the way! 

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I hope you're as excited as me (or even a teeny bit excited) about Project Van and if you have any questions, thoughts, ideas or comments I'd love to here from you! 

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