Friday, 8 July 2016

Sunshine Adventures & Friday Sunshine ☀️

Hello and HAPPY FRIDAY Sunshine lovers! It's a bit grey and dull here in Cambridge this morning so in hope of tempting the sun out from behind the clouds I'm going to share a couple of personal Sunshine doodle projects with you all today.

Both of the new doodles I want to share (one complete and one in progress) fall in to my Sunshine Adventures project. So far I have created and shared 5 doodles and blog posts about recent adventures...

New Years Eve : Norfolk

January : Cornwall & Devon

January : The US of A

Easter : Lake District

Now, although the next completed doodle isn't technically an 'Adventure' as in going to explore a new place and camping/staying overnight somewhere, I still want to include it in this series of doodles. It's a special doodle because it captures a little bit of life for me and as soppy as it sounds, an important and enjoyable part of it too! And lets face it, life is one big adventure anyway, right?

This doodle sums up one of my favourite weekend mornings perfectly and in a way could be seen as a very mild kind of adventure too as I very rarely used to spend my mornings relaxing in bed or waking up slowly. I used to be so fearful of wasting a Saturday or Sunday by not being up and at 'em right away (I still battle with those feelings!) However, recently I've come to realise that it's actually really nice and extremely good for the mind and soul, to sometimes ignore the 'to do' list, bring my brew back to bed, sit and chat with Will about our weeks or the weekend ahead and cuddle the kitties. It might be for ten minutes, it might be for an hour or two depending what we have planned but no matter how long it's for, to me it's special, restorative and a rare luxury.

So... Adventure Sunshine number 6 is a little different from the rest and features this happy little scene from one of our rare Sunday mornings when Toby Cat chose to cuddle bomb us...

The next one I'm working on is back to an actual road trip style 'Adventure Sunshine' and sums up our recent camping trip to Wales. It's not finished yet but for now, here is a sneaky peek at what to expect and see if you can guess what activities the next update might include...

 Until next time though... HAPPY FRIDAY! 


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