Friday, 1 July 2016

Friday Sunshine : The Dancing Puffin

It's July (that came around fast!) and this week my 'Friday Sunshine' post is all about a beautiful bird and an exciting design project. If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen me doodling and falling in love with puffins one afternoon. This was part of a lovely project I was working on with Becky who runs The Dancing Puffin.

Becky designs and makes gifts for the home and decided it was time to giver her business a brand new logo and look. I was absolutely thrilled when Becky emailed me telling me how much she loved my drawings and wanted to work together to bring her logo ideas for The Dancing Puffin to life.

With a very clear idea of what she wanted, I worked with Becky to design a super cute, little puffin character to compliment the chosen font and the bold green colour scheme in the brief.

After a couple of tweaks and a few colour combinations a final puffin character was chosen and we also created a few cheeky footprints so he could 'dance' across the page...

It was great fun working with Becky and it's always a bonus when a client knows exactly what she wants. Plus I got to research, doodle, re-doodle and colour Puffins which certainly brightened my days - I totally have a new found love for them! 

Be sure to check out The Dancing Puffin Facebook page where you can see Becky's creations and also have a bash at naming this little puffin in her competition. Who doesn't love a good 'name that' competition and prize!

Before I go I'd like to leave you with one of my favourite (and super sweet) Puffin images I spied on Pinterest... all in the name of research obviously...

Image : Daniel Trim



  1. Thanks for this Jo - it was an absolute pleasure working with you and I completely love the results! Oh yes, and after the competition, he's now called Geoff ;-) Becky x

    1. Becky, this makes me so happy for so many reasons! So lovely working with you! Both of my Grandad's were called Geoff :D x