Friday, 29 July 2016

Friday, 8 July 2016

Sunshine Adventures & Friday Sunshine ☀️

Hello and HAPPY FRIDAY Sunshine lovers! It's a bit grey and dull here in Cambridge this morning so in hope of tempting the sun out from behind the clouds I'm going to share a couple of personal Sunshine doodle projects with you all today.

Both of the new doodles I want to share (one complete and one in progress) fall in to my Sunshine Adventures project. So far I have created and shared 5 doodles and blog posts about recent adventures...

New Years Eve : Norfolk

January : Cornwall & Devon

January : The US of A

Easter : Lake District

Now, although the next completed doodle isn't technically an 'Adventure' as in going to explore a new place and camping/staying overnight somewhere, I still want to include it in this series of doodles. It's a special doodle because it captures a little bit of life for me and as soppy as it sounds, an important and enjoyable part of it too! And lets face it, life is one big adventure anyway, right?

This doodle sums up one of my favourite weekend mornings perfectly and in a way could be seen as a very mild kind of adventure too as I very rarely used to spend my mornings relaxing in bed or waking up slowly. I used to be so fearful of wasting a Saturday or Sunday by not being up and at 'em right away (I still battle with those feelings!) However, recently I've come to realise that it's actually really nice and extremely good for the mind and soul, to sometimes ignore the 'to do' list, bring my brew back to bed, sit and chat with Will about our weeks or the weekend ahead and cuddle the kitties. It might be for ten minutes, it might be for an hour or two depending what we have planned but no matter how long it's for, to me it's special, restorative and a rare luxury.

So... Adventure Sunshine number 6 is a little different from the rest and features this happy little scene from one of our rare Sunday mornings when Toby Cat chose to cuddle bomb us...

The next one I'm working on is back to an actual road trip style 'Adventure Sunshine' and sums up our recent camping trip to Wales. It's not finished yet but for now, here is a sneaky peek at what to expect and see if you can guess what activities the next update might include...

 Until next time though... HAPPY FRIDAY! 


Wednesday, 6 July 2016

My Blogtacular TREATS

Last week I wrote a bit of a long and slightly more serious post about my trip to Blogtacular and highlighted 5 things I took away from it all. This week I'm back to rave about it again but I thought I'd share a more light-hearted 'Top 5' and focus on what I regarded as TREATS from the weekend.

I love snapping away on my phone but there's always a paranoid gremlin on my shoulder when I'm out on my own and want to stop dead to take a picture of my yellow shoes on a beautiful tiled floor or capture the pretty flowers along a roadside. So being given the chance to join a group of people on a walk dedicated to taking photographs around one of my favourite parts of London was AMAZING!

For me (and many others I imagine), it was a pure treat to be able to wander through the streets of Shoreditch with lots of other like-minded and brightly dressed folk. With everyone taking photos of beautiful, coloured walls, floors, food, flowers and everything in-between, it was nice to feel part of a crowd and share the odd looks from passers-by.

Check out the Blogtacular hashtags for an explosion of colour and fabulous shots from all of the photo and video walks on the Friday afternoon: #blogtacular #blogtacularphotowalkeast #blogtacularphotowalkwest #blogtacularvideowalk

I'm not sure I really need to explain why a Cat Cafe is one of my treats but this was totally unexpected, unplanned and the best mini diversion EVER! I was thrilled to meet the very lovely Kirsty and Natalie on the Photowalk and after it finished we had some time to kill before the West Elm party that evening. Initially I tagged along in search of beer but as we walked back we passed the London Cat Village, which I somehow missed on the walk itself.

With us all being big cat lovers, and the cafe just happening to have space for us we couldn't resist. Spending an hour with a cold beverage, new friends and being surrounded by an incredible mix of exotic breeds of kitties was THE BEST! Don't take my word for it though... just look at these furry faces and check out London Cat Village on Instagram to meet them ALL! 

Not only did the giant balloons spelling Blogtacular blow me away when we walked in the venue on Saturday morning but we were greeted with an incredible breakfast spread. From pastries and fruit to cold meats and CHEESE, there was so much choice to go with the tea and coffee on tap! And... well... you know me, I was there with the cheese and meats faster than you could say "coffee".

Photo credit : Will Ireland and Mollie Makes

To be fair, the food in general was spectacular! At the West Elm party on the Friday night there were amazing trays full of nibbles and wine flowing all evening to compliment the buzz of creativity and networking in the wonderful store.

Photo credit : Will Ireland and Mollie Makes

And on Saturday the lunch.. OH MY! It was all so. damn. good! I'm pretty sure nobody was left feeling hungry, especially with sweet treats and fruit bought out during the scheduled breaks too! FOOD HEAVEN!

Photo credit : Will Ireland and Mollie Makes

Ooh and I can't go on about the food without mentioning the amazing Wahaca feast that I was thrilled to be invited to after the event on Saturday. I bloody love Wahaca and to enjoy tasty treats from the menu while surrounded by lovely faces and new friends from the event was the perfect way to end the weekend!

So I have already gushed about the amazing Blogtacular goodie bag in my last post - it really was incredible! But I started opening and using lots of the bits inside mine before I even thought about photographing it all nicely (oops!) but just look at this beautiful shot Cat (Twin Pines Creative) took, it captures many of the goodies included and hopefully helps explain why I couldn't wait to get involved and open everything as soon as I got on the train home...

Photo credit : Twin Pines Creative

As well as feeling like I'd won all the prizes at the fair with the goodie bag swag, I was over the moon to come away with some AMAZING swapsies too! I'd packed up a few of my little black cat enamel pins to take with me for the weekend - mainly as thank you gifts for a few faces I knew I'd see but it turned out that lots of people had bought pins and gifts along too which meant SWAPSIES!

I love a good swap and after doing a few pin swaps online it was ace to be able to trade pretties in real life. Here are some of the lovely makers (and their goodies) who I had the pleasure of swapping treats with...

Photo credit : Nikki McWilliams

Photo credit : Finest Imaginary

Photo credit : helloDODO

Photo credit : onrshop

Photo credit : Leanne Beale of Fred and Bell

And I also have the very lovely Zoe of Too Cute to Quit to thank for my beautiful, yellow heart name badge, which I wore with pride all weekend...

Thank you Cat for taking this lovely photo of all my flair!

Without sounding like a super fanny, one of the BEST treats for me was getting to travel, eat, drink, cat cafe, network and get inspired with some of my favourite faces.

Travelling with Claire (claireabellemakes) and Kate (Daphne Rosa) on the way to Blogtacular was so much fun and helped to calm my nerves no end - mainly due to the rock hard doughnuts Claire was scammed with at her local garage... sorry Claire but it was too funny not to mention! Not only was it nice to spend more time with both Claire and Kate, it meant a lot to me because with Hannah too I actually realised I had found new friends in Cambridge - something I was terrified of never doing when I first moved here! Sorry ladies... you may be stuck with me now...

Cambridge Crew : Hannah, Kate, Claire and Me

Knowing that I was meeting Cat (Twin Pines Creative) at the venue to share our first Blogtacular together made me super happy too. Without Cat my Sunshine business wouldn't have the beautiful logo and branding I dreamed of, plus we have been friends for aaaaages now so it was the best excuse to hang out again!

As well as people I had already met in real life and was excited about spending time with, there were many others who I was excited about meeting/catching up with after many moons of online interaction (stalking).

To name a few (but by no means all!) here are some of the wonderful insta-friends I was thrilled to spend time with over the weekend, some who I'd met before and others who I met for the very first time...

Angharad ( Kirsty (@homebykirsty) Natalie (@_natalierowley_) Nikki (@nikkimcwilliams) Kim (@finestimaginary) Rachel (@onrshop) Kelly (@Sunjellies) Leanne (@FredandBell) Nicky (@little_dut @molliemakes) Kate (@MadebyMrsM) Ali & Jam (@hellohelloDODO) Zoe (@toocutetoquit) Zeena (@heartzeena) Lisa (@lisacongdon) Enid (@Eeeeenid) and of course Kat (@thatKat) and Kelly (@Kellyfairy)

Photo credit : Claireabellemakes

If you don't already recognise some of those names, click the links, go give them all a stalk and be prepared to smile at their gorgeous instafeeds and possibly empty your purse along the way!

So there you have it, what I regard as my Top 5 TREATS from my first Blogtacular, I could have selected so many more moments from the Friday and Saturday as it was all so brilliant. However for the sake of keeping this blog post a reasonable length and to stop you going cross-eyed, I thought I'd limit myself and hope you enjoyed the selection.

Now... I'm off to cuddle my kitties as I still feel guilty for cheating on Toby and Pegs at the Cat Village and I may also go and find a small snack as treat number 3 has made me peckish...

Have a lovely day! 


Sunday, 3 July 2016

Feeling hungry? NEW egg & bacon treats are here!

IT’S BREAKFAST TIME and the shiny new, super limited edition egg & bacon collection IS HERE!

PRE-ORDER at between the 3rd - 10th July and receive an extra free gift! ALL ORDERS WILL BE POSTED w/c 11th JULY

A lot of fun (and food sampling) was certainly had creating these so I hope you enjoy the breakfast themed treats too!


Friday, 1 July 2016

Friday Sunshine : The Dancing Puffin

It's July (that came around fast!) and this week my 'Friday Sunshine' post is all about a beautiful bird and an exciting design project. If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen me doodling and falling in love with puffins one afternoon. This was part of a lovely project I was working on with Becky who runs The Dancing Puffin.

Becky designs and makes gifts for the home and decided it was time to giver her business a brand new logo and look. I was absolutely thrilled when Becky emailed me telling me how much she loved my drawings and wanted to work together to bring her logo ideas for The Dancing Puffin to life.

With a very clear idea of what she wanted, I worked with Becky to design a super cute, little puffin character to compliment the chosen font and the bold green colour scheme in the brief.

After a couple of tweaks and a few colour combinations a final puffin character was chosen and we also created a few cheeky footprints so he could 'dance' across the page...

It was great fun working with Becky and it's always a bonus when a client knows exactly what she wants. Plus I got to research, doodle, re-doodle and colour Puffins which certainly brightened my days - I totally have a new found love for them! 

Be sure to check out The Dancing Puffin Facebook page where you can see Becky's creations and also have a bash at naming this little puffin in her competition. Who doesn't love a good 'name that' competition and prize!

Before I go I'd like to leave you with one of my favourite (and super sweet) Puffin images I spied on Pinterest... all in the name of research obviously...

Image : Daniel Trim