Monday, 27 June 2016

Goals for the week ahoy...

Well hello there Monday, where did you sneak up from?

Toby Cat may not be ready for you just yet but we're back from a super fun-packed weekend and I am here to tell you all openly about my goal for the week ahead - my blogging goal that is. I have many more goals and to do list items but I won't spam you with everything in my head!

So with post holiday domestics done and another brew in hand, here are my blogging goals for the week ahead...

Share my bloody brilliant Blogtacular experience

Introduce a new character/logo design created for a lovely client

Sneak a peek of the Sunshine Adventure doodle started in Wales

I think three posts is a big enough challenge for the next 7 days, especially for someone who's terrible at starting posts and actually publishing them when they were intended for! Ooops! But I hope you'll check back in to read my little updates and if you do, I'd love to know what you think and of course, if the subjects and content are of interest... feedback is golden after all!

Until then though, I'm off to finish my brew, tackle my inbox and start packing up your lovely Sunshine orders...


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