Friday, 24 June 2016

Sunshine Adventures & Friday Sunshine ☀

Hello and HAPPY FRIDAY folks!

By the time you read this I should already be in Wales and hopefully en route to an old slate mine in Blaenau Ffestiniog to bounce around in caves full of suspended nets, ladders and slides as well as having a play on the largest zip zone in Europe! Eeek!

But more about that in my next Sunshine Adventures update, for now I am here to share a different adventure doodle with you all. One which was started back in April after a work weekend away at BCTF, when we camped next door to the Great Yorkshire Showground for my first ever Trade Fair.

Trade show cheesiness!

I will write a proper blog post about my experience at the trade show one day I promise! To be honest though, I think I'm still actually processing the rather full on weekend and weeks since! Nevertheless, we had a lovely time camping by the showground, not only was the campsite super close to the BCTF venue, it had a super snazzy (and CLEAN!) shower and toilet block as well as being peaceful and full of friendly faces.

Morning brews in the sunshine are the BEST!

The weather could have been nicer to us while we were there (it was bloody freezing one night!) but we had sunshine when we arrived on the Saturday and rain didn't kick in properly until our second night, so apart from being a bit chilly and a soggy pack up on Tuesday I think we were pretty lucky!

Can you spot the frost on the tent?

BCTF work aside we had a very nice couple of days camping here and when I started doodling I had to capture us both snuggled up in our super warm sleeping bags and as I didn't fancy drawing my trade show stand I figured a nice backdrop of our trusty tent, trees and our naughty snacks would sum it up perfectly...

illustration © Jo Want 2016

I hope you like it, it was fun drawing us both snuggled up like little grubs... or should that be bugs... snug as a bug isn't it?... anywho.... fingers crossed I'll be back soon with another Sunshine Adventure doodle full of this weekend's fun times! YAY!

Until then though, here's wishing you a great weekend and happy adventuring!

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