Friday, 3 June 2016


Good Morning! I was a bit naughty and missed sharing a 'Friday Sunshine' with you all last week (I blame the excitement of a long weekend and imminent trips to the seaside!) So this week I thought I'd share a couple of different Sunshine doodles with you to make up for it - I hope you don't mind?

First up is a lovely birthday Sunshine which was commissioned by one of my favourite Sunshine customers. Most of her family and friends have one by now and this one in particular was for Kate's Mum, who was starting to feel left out about not having one! heehee

It was so much fun talking to Kate about what she wanted including in this Sunshine and I was most excited about drawing my first ever concord! I hear the birthday girl was pretty pleased with her Sunshine too, which always makes me feel all the warm and fuzzies.

The next bit of Sunshine is a little personal project I started a while back... you might remember the little sketch I shared in this post of a certain ginger, dreadlocked musical man? Well I finally finished it...

I started this doodle after an amazing gig at Cambridge Corn Exchange when Newton played with Toby & Toby on stage and I couldn't draw two Toby Sunshines without including our Toby Cat too! It was a lot of fun to doodle and even though it took me a while to finish (and is a bit odd) I'm pretty happy with how it turned out!

Now... I'm off to listen to Human Love again (for the bazillionth time this week) and pretend we're back in the Cambridge Corn Exchange... 


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