Friday, 10 June 2016

Friday Sunshine X #fattybumbumdrawvans ☀

It's time for a bit more Sunshine sharing and seeing as it's been a while, I thought I'd combine Friday Sunshine with a #fattybumbumdrawsvans update too this week. YAY!

So, a couple of weeks ago my best friend came to visit and we went along to the AMAZING foodPark night market here in Cambridge. There were so many of my favourite food vans there as well as some I hadn't visited before, including a Prosecco and gin bar in a horse box - brilliant!

We had the BEST time wandering around, sampling pizza from Fired Up, bahn mi and summer rolls from the lovely Jalan Jalan ladies and kimchi mac'n'cheese from the AWESOME Guerrilla Kitchen! Not to mention enjoying the fizz, beer and more fizz to wash it all down with! We even stopped by the wonderful Wandering Yak van on the way out for a take away box of goodness to enjoy as a midnight treat later. PERFECT!

Needless to say we spent the night feeling immensely happy and incredibly full! I can't reccommend the events enough! It's a must for any food lovers who fancy trying an array of delights from local food vans in Cambridge (check out the upcoming dates here). I just wish I had more room in my tummy so that I could have eaten my way round every food truck that was there last month - there were a lot I hadn't visited before so it was tough choosing!

While we were there, we set up camp on a couple of chairs at the long table running through the barn where everything was set up. Each time we wandered off and brought our foodie treats and beverages back to the table, it was the perfect base camp! What made it even better was that we were sat in front of the magnificent Buffalo Joe's van, who were serving the most incredible looking wings and chicken burgers. I was eyeing them up ALL NIGHT but sadly (stupidly!) I left it too late to nab treats from them, as they quickly sold out of the wings I was hankering after and I was way to full to try and cram a burger in towards the end of the night.

However, I did manage to nab plenty of photos while I was there and decided that Buffalo Joe's would be my next #fattybumbumdrawsvans subject. It naturally meant that I would also have to find another time to go and sample some of their chicken delights! Mwahahahaha! Fast forward a few weeks later and here I am, sat at my desk after a cheeky lunch trip out to foodPark CB1 (by the train station) with a tummy full of chicken burger, a completed van doodle and this blog post to finish...

Illustration © Jo Want 2016

Buffalo Joe's has a beaut of a Citroen van, which makes a great addition to my doodle collection and OH MY GOODNESS ME! The burger tasted every bit as good as I imagined it would after watching them being served up all evening at the night market. No wait, it was BETTER!

I thoroughly enjoyed every bite whilst sat out in the sunshine and in front of the cutest coffee truck I've ever seen. The Coffee Stop do great coffee and I'm completely inspired to add their van to my doodle hit list now too!

Hopefully you'll agree that this Friday has already turned out to be pretty splendid what with the sun shining and my naughty little lunch break. I mean, it would have been rude not to pop by CB1 today when my errands took me soooo close, right? But the foodie fun isn't stopping here for today... oh no... this fattybumbum has another date with street food (and the boy) tonight! *mini fist bump*

I'm really excited because we're off to the first Gog Sundowner Session later tonight to partake in some cheeky beverages, watch the sun go down and sample some of the amazing sounding menu that Provenance Kitchen are serving up! Another (incredible looking!) food van to add to my doodle list and the perfect way to finish up the week I'd say...

I hope you enjoyed this rather food-filled Friday Sunshine update and here's wishing you all a very HAPPY FRIDAY and weekend ahead! Until next time... fattybumbum over and out!

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