Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Belated Sunshine Adventures : Easter Camping trip

Crikey! How did we get so far through this year and so quickly? I'm a tad behind in my little 'Sunshine Adventures' series but I have still been scribbling away and even though it's June, I thought I would take you back a few months to March and the mini Easter adventure we went on.

It started with raiding my trusty terramundi pot, a mini peacan pie and a bus trip out to meet Will from near his workplace in Huntingdon...

We then drove up to the Lake District to a lovely little campsite called Lanefoot Farm, not far from Keswick. We arrived pretty late at night so it was super dark and it wasn't until the morning we discovered the lovely view and some sunshine.

The weather was forecast to be pretty rubbish over Easter weekend but on Good Friday morning we woke up to Sunshine and a much better report for the day, so we decided to head off out to make the most of the Spring sunshine. 

Originally we had planned to tackle Scafell Pike but as we had left it a little late to set off we opted to hike up a different mountain instead and headed to Helvellyn to walk the Striding Edge route. We drove to Glenridding taking in the views of Lake Ullswater en route before parking up in a small local carpark. It's such a beautiful place and as the hike uphill began, the views just kept getting better...

As we climbed higher and higher the temperature started to drop (as you would expect) and as we approached Striding Edge we found snow! I have to admit, I was pretty surprised to see snow, even though it makes perfect sense to find snow at the top of mountains. The wind was super chilly and clouds started to roll in so the raincoats came out and we marched on taking in the lovely snowy views and scrambling over rocks up towards the summit.

After scrabbling over some rocky 'pathways' and trudging through snow we reached the top where the wind was fierce but when the sun broke through the clouds it was lovely and warm. A bit of a surreal mix of weather but not enough to keep the silly smiles from our faces.

The path back down from the summit was actually covered in snow and pretty damn steep so it took a few well places snow steps made by Will (and a bit of bum sliding from me) to start our decent. It was a lovely walk down after the sketchy start though and as we looked back towards the mountain, we even saw some skiers trying their luck down the slopes.

When we returned to Glenridding after a few hours of walking we were super hungry so popped in to the local cafe where I was greeted with THE BIGGEST fish finger sandwich and a lovely hot brew. A perfect reward if you ask me. This photo does not do the size of the fish fingers justice - they were seriously about as long as my forearm! AMAZING!

We left Glenridding and took a slight detour on the way back to the campsite to The Bowder Stone. The boy is into his climbing and rocks and although I wasn't sold at first I have to admit this giant boulder was pretty impressive just stood alone in the surrounding woodland.

After a beautiful day with the weather on our side, we headed back to the tent for an evening of card games, vino and cheesy treats, not to mention a nice long sleep! Unfortunately the next day (Easter Saturday) the weather was not on our side and we woke up to a very soggy field and continuous rain. Still, this didn't stop us popping out to Keswick in search of a breakfast to battle the grey weather and boy did we find the perfect breakfast for a rainy day... bacon and blueberry maple pancakes! YES!

It was clear the rain had no intention of stopping so instead of hiding away, we decided to join it and headed out to Aira Force, a waterfall near Lake Ullswater. Well, when it rains it falls... and it was pretty darn beautiful!

After our soggy walk we headed back to the tent to get changed and assess our accommodation situation. The field was super soaked by then and with the rain getting heavier we decided to cut our mini trip short and head home. I was a bit sad but it was a sensible move and after I snapped a couple of cheeky photos of some neighbouring campervans we headed off back to Cambridge just before sunset.

Even though we were at home on Easter Sunday the camping didn't stop there as we spent the day snuggled up on the sofa with the kitties and our sleeping bags. A bit of indoor camping at it's finest!

It also meant I was able to enjoy my Easter treats and start my Sunshine Adventure doodle without cold feet, soggy paper or wet mini eggs! It certainly still felt like a holiday spending the day relaxing, watching films and eating good food with Will and the kitties.

So there you have it, a very late but hopefully enjoyable Sunshine Adventure update about our trip to the Lake District over Easter! Ooh and before I go I mustn't forget to share the finished Sunshine doodle with you too... I hope you enjoy both the read and the doodle!

Hopefully it won't be long before I get round to sharing the next update in the Sunshine Adventure series. The doodle was finished long ago and I just need to sit down and find the words to tell you all about my work based camping adventure to BCTF! YIKES! 

Thank you for reading and until next time... TOODLEPIP!

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