Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Supper clubs, origami, sushi and wetsuits!

Over the weekend it was MY BIRTHDAY! I'm an excitable little soul and when birthdays roll around (especially mine) I'm always extra excited. This year I turned 32 and had the most wonderful weekend jam packed full of fun with friends, food, adventures and even learnt some new skills along the way. I wanted to write a little post about the weekend because it was made super special by so many people and most of them also run small, independent businesses that deserve shouting about.

First of all celebrations started on Friday 13th, unlucky for some but definitely not for me this time round as I was whisked off for the evening to the Gog Magog Hills for a pop up supper club ran by Guerrilla Kitchen. Now you might remember me mentioning Guerrilla Kitchen before as they are one of my favourite food vans I discovered since moving down here. They are already a star in my #fattybumbumdrawsvans project too so I was over the moon to hear that they were running a 6 course menu at such a lovely location so close to my birthday.

The food was incredible, The Shack at the Gogs was the perfect pop up location full of fairy lights, benches and a little bar which meant bubbles flowed as we ate our way through the tastiest menu.

The next morning I was up early and on the road to meet my lovely friend Cat (who runs Twin Pines Creative). She lives just outside Market Harborough and we were treating ourselves to a cheeky burger at MeatCure before we continued our travels to Tur Langton in order to visit Studio NL for a workshop ran by the mighty talented Origami-Est.

Image : Cat's Instagram

I have been following and chatting to Est, who makes the most beautiful origami wares and to Rox, who runs Studio NL for a while on social media so not only was I excited to be taking part in the workshop itself but I couldn't wait to meet them both too! The Studio NL space is gorgeous (visit if you can!) and the workshop was SO much fun! Est made it seem so straight forward and simple, it was a brilliant afternoon and I was thrilled to come away with a completed (and very yellow) origami lampshade! I would totally reccommend booking yourself in to any of Est's workshops or if you can't make them she also has a shiny new book available to pre-order NOW so you can learn at home.

Image : Studio NL Workshops Instagram

I didn't think I could take much more excitement in one day after the workshop and spending a wonderful day with Cat but after driving home I was off out again and ready for another workshop! This time with the lovely Claire (of Claireabellemakes) and we were off to make Sushi at Bridges, a cute healthy lunch and juice shop in the heart of Cambridge.

Sat around a table packed full of incredible fresh ingredients, we all had a lot of fun and giggles with the group, whilst following Meggy's professional instructions and ended up making the most amazing little rolls of sushi! I was super impressed that I actually managed to make something that looked like all the amazing rolls you see in restaurants.

Image : Bridge Cambridge Instagram

It was brilliant and something I would definitely LOVE to do again! Not only did we take away a little box of freshly made (delicious) sushi but we got to nibble along the way, have a couple of cheeky beverages and meet lots of lovely friendly faces. A perfect way to end my last day as a 31 year old!

After such a busy Friday and Saturday I was mighty happy to be able to stay in bed on my actual birthday, which was Sunday. I was thoroughly spoilt with brews in bed and a rather fancy home cooked breakfast by my wonderful bearded boy. I supped my tea happily and munched my way through amazing baked eggs with tarragon and gruyere which were served with freshly baked bacon scones... I was in breakfast heaven.

After opening some amazing and thoughtful cards and gifts from my family and friends I was informed that we had to leave the house shortly and I needed to pack a swimsuit and towel for a surprise adventure. EXCITING! I really wasn't sure what to expect but we hopped in the car and about 20mins later turned up here...

I had no idea that there was a place to do Wake Boarding in Cambridge and I was beside myself with excitement when we arrived at Hannam's Wake Hub! I always get over excited and then super nervous whenever I try new things - mainly because I'm so clumsy and often end up making a fool of myself but we got kitted out in our wetsuits and I couldn't stop smiling.

Will took to it naturally and made it look so easy (why do boys always do that?!) I on the other hand was more than wobbly and although I managed to stand up for most rides it wasn't without swallowing a lot of water and a spectacular face plant! I didn't care though, the sun was out, we both had fun and it was the best birthday surprise I could have asked for.

We enjoyed the rest of the day's Sunshine with a left-over-sushi picnic in the garden and beverages at the local pub by the river, it was a perfect afternoon and I felt lucky to have had the weather on our side all weekend.

In the evening I curled up on the sofa with Will and the kitties, a birthday cheeseboard in front of me and glass of red in hand - exhausted and happy with an overwhelming feeling of gratefulness for the wonderful people I have in my life. Each person involved in my birthday weekend, every friend who sent me a card or gift, every insta-pal and sunshine follower who wished me happy birthday made it so special. 

And folk wonder why I never stop getting excited about birthdays even though I'm getting old! ;) I hope you enjoyed reading about my fun filled weekend and I hope I have inspired you to hunt down the talented and lovely people and businesses who helped make my birthday so special this year.

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