Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Shiny new stuff!

HAPPY MONDAY! To celebrate the start of another new week I thought I'd share a few peeks at some of the new Sunshine that will be hitting my little Hello Sunshine shop THIS WEEK! Yay!

I've started to and will continue to introduce new products and collections along with sharing the little stories and inspiration behind them. I've never thought of sharing the why's behind my little collections of work before because I tend to just make what I love but a bit part of planning my new wholesale catalogue involved thinking about this in more detail and I LOVED doing it!

So, for those of you who follow me on Instagram and Facebook you will have seen a couple of newbies shared on Saturday and Sunday, but in case you missed them and the little stories, here's a catch up for you...

HAPPY CATURDAY! Did you know that my little tabby cat collection is inspired by Princess Pegs of Sunshine Towers? There are some new treats (for boys and girls!) in the shop now too, which come with a purr of approval from the top cat herself!

It's Sunday, the Sun is out and the Hello Sunshine Sunflower family has a new member! It can feel like Summer ALL THE TIME now! Meet the whole bunch over at hello-sunshine.co.uk!

As well as adding some new bits and pieces including lapel pins, clocks and cufflinks to my existing collections I am also releasing THREE BRAND NEW RANGES in to the wild too! Wahoo! I feel like I've been sharing sneak peeks and promising them for ages as it's all been planned and work in progress since October last year! 

Yesterday I introduced the first of the new ranges and after over 6 months of planning they're alive and you don't need green fingers to look after them! Monstera Deliciosa, also known as a 'Cheese plant' (or 'Dave' at Sunshine Towers) has had a bit of a makeover to bring you this great big, bright yellow collection...

And today things are all a twitter in my shop with these latest additions....

Born from childhood memories of playing in Grandad Happy's garden and watching the beautiful canaries he and my Nanna cared for hop about in the aviary. These cheerful yellow birds never fail to make me smile. Here's hoping they bring a smile to your face too! The whole family are available, just follow pop over to hello-sunshine.co.uk to meet them all.

Make sure you keep an eye on my Instagram and Facebook page for daily updates about new products and collections all week and I hope you enjoy meeting the new work as much as I've enjoyed designing and making them all!

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