Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Hello Sunshine on tour : Trade Show peeks

Sorry it's been a bit quiet over the past few days, I've been a busy bee at BCTF over the weekend, all day Monday and Tuesday. I'm home now and just about unpacked and semi-organised so I promise to share a proper update on the whole affair soon!

In fact I think I might write a mini series about the whole she-bang including the new designs, my wholesale catalogue experience, photography and my new website! BUT until then, here are some peeks and photo's leading up to and on the days of the fair itself...


Making sure my fabulous new sign hangs...

Unpacking and repacking VERY EXCITING boxes

Princess Pegs overseeing the packing...

Less panicking and more packing!

Naughty breakfast en route to Harrogate

And so it begins...

Little corner of Sunshine starting to come together!


The loon behind the stand

Behind the scenes colour coordination

Order forms and ink

Essential trade show snacks!

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  1. Your stand looked so great! Can I confess that after I saw your picture of the naughty breakfast I went and got myself one a few days later haha!