Friday, 8 April 2016

Friday Sunshine ☀

I thought I'd use this week's Friday Sunshine to show you some VERY EXCITING new products which are starting to hit the shelves of the beautiful Handmade Nottingham shop.

You may remember being introduced to Robin Hood Kitty a while back when I first created the bespoke design for Rhea at Handmade Nottingham. Well I'm have been watching with excitement as the range of products now available with Robin Hood kitty on them have grown from just Tote Bags (printed by the wonderful Hannah Stevens) to Mugs and now prints created by Fable & Black too! YAY!

Illustration © Jo Want 2015

Photo : Handmade Nottingham

Not only can you grab yourself Robin Hood Kitty or the whole Merry Cat gang on various products but you can also find more exclusive designs by other talented beans in store too! Designers include Paper Pipit, Katie Abey and Two For Joy.

Photo : Handmade Nottingham

Photo : Handmade Nottingham

Photo : Handmade Nottingham

Go on... show your love for Nottingham (and the local talent!) and grab yourself some unique momentos of such a great city! Can you tell I miss my hometown a bit?


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