Friday, 22 April 2016

Friday Sunshine ☀

This week's Friday Sunshine is going to be jewellery shaped as I thought I'd share the rest of the week's new products with you and a cheeky special offer too!

Over the weekend and Monday and Tuesday you met Dave the cheeseplant, new canaries hopping about in their aviaries and caught up with some new additions to the cat and sunflower collections...

And throughout the rest of this week a few other brand new faces have been springing up too like my little brown bunnies! I loved Beatrix Potter when I was little and our first pet was a bunny rabbit from a local city farm, he was called Benjamin.

Benjamin didn't stay long (he escaped) but I'm sure he's out there having fun with all the other bunnies 'on his jollidays'… You can meet Ben and his friends by hopping over to

Yesterday I shared the beautiful new photographs of my Swallow collection. Nautical but nice, this range was designed with my Grandad Grumpy’s sailor tattoos and old Navy photos in mind (he wasn't really grumpy) and now includes cufflinks and lapel pins! 

And today I'm shouting about the fact that ALL OF THE NEW WORK is now live and available at while I beaver away in the background making up lots of new pieces for wholesale orders and you lovely online shoppers.

What's the BEST BIT though? You can grab a cheeky 10% off your order with the code SUNSHINE at checkout. But wait! There's more... if you spend over £20 you'll also get FREE UK POSTAGE!

So go forth, explore the new Sunshine and I hope you enjoy the stories behind each collection as well as appreciating the BEAUTIFUL product photography and styling by the very talented Holly Booth. I'd love to know what you think!


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