Friday, 29 April 2016

Famous Friday Sunshine ☀

A couple of years ago I went to see the wonderful Newton Faulkner play at the Leicester O2 and I had THE BEST time! His live performance and friendly stage presence blew me away! I was already a HUGE fan of his music (and dreads!) but that evening turned me into a complete fan girl... so much so I doodled a special Sunshine after the show...

I had planned to see him again in Nottingham when he released 'Write it on Your Skin' but was too poorly to make the show *sob* but when I heard he was coming to Cambridge I jumped at the chance to grab some tickets! 

Not only was it a nice excuse to explore another part of Cambridge and see inside the Corn Exchange (lovely venue if you ever get to visit!) but he did it again... Newton blew us away! I had so much fun singing, dancing and listening to his new work and the set was quite different with him having additional people on stage with him too (both called Toby, one of which was his brother!) 

Newton in a Toby sandwich
photo from @newtonfaulkner instagram feed

After having so much fun and enjoying everything about our Friday night at the gig I went home buzzing and had a silly idea for a new Sunshine doodle... "well Newton has changed his hair and should have a new doodle with his Tobies" I thought. So I got my sketchbook out over the weekend and this is what I scribbled...

I wanted to capture Newton on stage again but I couldn't draw two Tobys (Tobies?!) without our Toby Cat being in there too. I was pretty pleased with the silly but fun sketch and popped it on social media during the week. You can probably image my absolute delight when I saw this then pop up in my feed...

I'm not going to lie, I lost my tiny little fan girl mind when I saw it (sad but true!) I just hope he likes the final Sunshine when it's coloured in too... I might get Toby Cat to help me finish it.

Watch this space... and HAPPY FRIDAY!

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