Friday, 29 April 2016

Famous Friday Sunshine ☀

A couple of years ago I went to see the wonderful Newton Faulkner play at the Leicester O2 and I had THE BEST time! His live performance and friendly stage presence blew me away! I was already a HUGE fan of his music (and dreads!) but that evening turned me into a complete fan girl... so much so I doodled a special Sunshine after the show...

I had planned to see him again in Nottingham when he released 'Write it on Your Skin' but was too poorly to make the show *sob* but when I heard he was coming to Cambridge I jumped at the chance to grab some tickets! 

Not only was it a nice excuse to explore another part of Cambridge and see inside the Corn Exchange (lovely venue if you ever get to visit!) but he did it again... Newton blew us away! I had so much fun singing, dancing and listening to his new work and the set was quite different with him having additional people on stage with him too (both called Toby, one of which was his brother!) 

Newton in a Toby sandwich
photo from @newtonfaulkner instagram feed

After having so much fun and enjoying everything about our Friday night at the gig I went home buzzing and had a silly idea for a new Sunshine doodle... "well Newton has changed his hair and should have a new doodle with his Tobies" I thought. So I got my sketchbook out over the weekend and this is what I scribbled...

I wanted to capture Newton on stage again but I couldn't draw two Tobys (Tobies?!) without our Toby Cat being in there too. I was pretty pleased with the silly but fun sketch and popped it on social media during the week. You can probably image my absolute delight when I saw this then pop up in my feed...

I'm not going to lie, I lost my tiny little fan girl mind when I saw it (sad but true!) I just hope he likes the final Sunshine when it's coloured in too... I might get Toby Cat to help me finish it.

Watch this space... and HAPPY FRIDAY!

Thursday, 28 April 2016

Making, packing and posting...

Phew! It's been a busy couple of weeks here at Sunshine Towers as I've been trying to catch up with some lovely wholesale orders and stock up on lots of the new designs for you all!

I thought I'd swing by quickly to share a few snaps so you can see what's going on behind the scenes...

All laid out and ready to glue, drill and make up into Sunshine treats!

Princess Pegs often like to supervise...

Everything is powered by tea! Lovely photo by Holly Booth.

I had some extra help packing the Special Delivery boxes too...

If you follow along on Instagram you'll probably have seen these as they pop up but it's always nice to collect my thoughts after a few days and share them in one place here. Plus I hope you enjoy catching up with me and my random blog posts now and then too!

I'm trying to make more of an effort to stay on top of my blog but I always struggle as it easily slips to bottom of my to do list and I often wonder if anyone actually reads my posts! haha! I'm hoping that the trip to BLOGTACULAR that I've got planned in June will help kick me up the bum and make the most out of blogging though!


Tuesday, 26 April 2016


Last Wednesday Will and I decided that date night would involve tracking a yak and easting middle eastern food in a nearby village. That might sound like a random decision but it was one of the BEST ones we made that week because we had the absolute pleasure of experiencing delights from the Wandering Yak

The Wandering Yak van has been on my #fattybumbumdrawsvans list for a while now after seeing them around at foddPark and other events and I am SO HAPPY we finally got to sample the food. The 'Glorious Box' was incredible, everything was so damn tasty and the chaps in the van are just the nicest fellows! Washed down with a pint of ale at the Queens Head in Newton and a stunning sunset to boot, we had one of the nicest date nights ever.

This week I finished a lovely doodle of their beautiful van so I thought I'd share a bit of food porn and the finished Sunshine. I highly recommend you follow @WanderingYak on twitter and pay them a visit if you're ever in the Cambridge area, I'm sure it won't be long before we 'track the yak' and pop back for some more amazing food!

Now though, fattybumbum has to decide on her next target... 

Friday, 22 April 2016

Friday Sunshine ☀

This week's Friday Sunshine is going to be jewellery shaped as I thought I'd share the rest of the week's new products with you and a cheeky special offer too!

Over the weekend and Monday and Tuesday you met Dave the cheeseplant, new canaries hopping about in their aviaries and caught up with some new additions to the cat and sunflower collections...

And throughout the rest of this week a few other brand new faces have been springing up too like my little brown bunnies! I loved Beatrix Potter when I was little and our first pet was a bunny rabbit from a local city farm, he was called Benjamin.

Benjamin didn't stay long (he escaped) but I'm sure he's out there having fun with all the other bunnies 'on his jollidays'… You can meet Ben and his friends by hopping over to

Yesterday I shared the beautiful new photographs of my Swallow collection. Nautical but nice, this range was designed with my Grandad Grumpy’s sailor tattoos and old Navy photos in mind (he wasn't really grumpy) and now includes cufflinks and lapel pins! 

And today I'm shouting about the fact that ALL OF THE NEW WORK is now live and available at while I beaver away in the background making up lots of new pieces for wholesale orders and you lovely online shoppers.

What's the BEST BIT though? You can grab a cheeky 10% off your order with the code SUNSHINE at checkout. But wait! There's more... if you spend over £20 you'll also get FREE UK POSTAGE!

So go forth, explore the new Sunshine and I hope you enjoy the stories behind each collection as well as appreciating the BEAUTIFUL product photography and styling by the very talented Holly Booth. I'd love to know what you think!


Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Humpday happiness is... food and Sunshine!

I can't stop thinking about BUNS! To be honest, I can't stop thinking about food in general today and that's because I've been updating my little #fattybumbumdraws vans project with some new vans...

First up is the almighty Scrimshaw's Guerilla Kitchen who do the MOST AMAZING pork buns and kimchi fries. Honestly, one of the most delicious things I've ever put in my mouth and their van Myrtle is a beaut too. You can find them at CamMarkets and regular foodPark spots every week and I highly reccommend you give them a try... I'm aiming to work through the menu for sure!

Next up is a van, actually two vans, that we have visited many a time now so I had to draw them both! These guys do the BEST BURGERS I've had and always have a mile long queue but don't let that put you off! They pop up regularly at different bars around Cambridge which is genius because you can get your burger order in then pop to the bar for a beverage or two while you wait.... maybe I'm easily pleased but what's not to love about that?

Anywho, go stalk the Steak & Honour boys on twitter, hunt them down and try a burger for yourself, I'll be surprised if you aren't left hankering for more!

Next on my list... for eating and doodling is the wonderful Wandering Yak van which serves up the tastiest looking middle eastern inspired dishes! Watch this space for foodporn picks and the next doodle in the #fattybumbumbdrawsvans project...


Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Shiny new stuff!

HAPPY MONDAY! To celebrate the start of another new week I thought I'd share a few peeks at some of the new Sunshine that will be hitting my little Hello Sunshine shop THIS WEEK! Yay!

I've started to and will continue to introduce new products and collections along with sharing the little stories and inspiration behind them. I've never thought of sharing the why's behind my little collections of work before because I tend to just make what I love but a bit part of planning my new wholesale catalogue involved thinking about this in more detail and I LOVED doing it!

So, for those of you who follow me on Instagram and Facebook you will have seen a couple of newbies shared on Saturday and Sunday, but in case you missed them and the little stories, here's a catch up for you...

HAPPY CATURDAY! Did you know that my little tabby cat collection is inspired by Princess Pegs of Sunshine Towers? There are some new treats (for boys and girls!) in the shop now too, which come with a purr of approval from the top cat herself!

It's Sunday, the Sun is out and the Hello Sunshine Sunflower family has a new member! It can feel like Summer ALL THE TIME now! Meet the whole bunch over at!

As well as adding some new bits and pieces including lapel pins, clocks and cufflinks to my existing collections I am also releasing THREE BRAND NEW RANGES in to the wild too! Wahoo! I feel like I've been sharing sneak peeks and promising them for ages as it's all been planned and work in progress since October last year! 

Yesterday I introduced the first of the new ranges and after over 6 months of planning they're alive and you don't need green fingers to look after them! Monstera Deliciosa, also known as a 'Cheese plant' (or 'Dave' at Sunshine Towers) has had a bit of a makeover to bring you this great big, bright yellow collection...

And today things are all a twitter in my shop with these latest additions....

Born from childhood memories of playing in Grandad Happy's garden and watching the beautiful canaries he and my Nanna cared for hop about in the aviary. These cheerful yellow birds never fail to make me smile. Here's hoping they bring a smile to your face too! The whole family are available, just follow pop over to to meet them all.

Make sure you keep an eye on my Instagram and Facebook page for daily updates about new products and collections all week and I hope you enjoy meeting the new work as much as I've enjoyed designing and making them all!

Friday, 15 April 2016

Friday Sunshine ☀

I'm mixing it up a little bit this week with a bit of #fattybumbumdrawsvans AND a recent Sunshine commission... but please bear with me, I promise they're related...

You may remember a few weeks back when I first introduced you all to my new personal project - the one with the food vans and the stalking? Well since then my little #fattybumbumdrawsvans hashtag over on IG has been filling up nicely, (along with my tummy) as we've been sampling more of the mighty fine food trucks that Cambridge has to offer.

The very first van I doodled was beautiful Rudi who belongs to RöstiStrasse and serves up the most AMAZING rosti and slaws, which we first sampled at the Mill Road Food Feast back in March...

After admitting to the lovely RöstiStrasse folk that I had been stalking and doodling their wonderful van, the owner Ben got in touch with me about a rather interesting commission to help their customers understand exactly what a rösti is. I was delighted and of course jumped at the chance to help out with my doodling skills!

The brief was pretty straight forward, to show the delicious, quality ingredients that go into their rösti, how it looks, what the topping options are and finally how it is served. I'm sure you can imagine, being the foodie lover I am this was a dream project and I loved being set the challenge of doodling each element (in between popping to the kitchen for snacks obvs!)

So after playing with a few ideas and talking over a couple of versions, everyone was happy and Ben selected a final design...

This week I decided to take a day off after the Trade Fair and hopped on my bike to the FoodPark #GoWest site on the other side of Cambridge. It was somewhere completely new to me and I got a bit lost but the sun was out and it was a beautiful cycle ride nonetheless! 

It was so lovely to meet Ben properly and see the final printed sign in use! It still seems so surreal to see my doodles out and about in the real world and I get so excited about it all - I'm sure folk think I'm a little strange. I was even more excitable this time too as I got to sample another DELICIOUS rösti, I went for the HUHN topping and my goodness, it was incredible! 

Don't take my word for it though, if you're ever in Cambridge town make sure you look up @RostiStrasse on twitter and grab yourself a treat! You can also keep up to date with lots of other food vans through the @foodpark_Cam twitter feed. It's full of regular updates, seriously tempting food pictures and I'm sure it will be the death of me and my skinny jeans someday! Below is a little sunny snap of the tasty line up of vans at the #GoWest site on Wednesday...

I hope you've enjoyed the slightly different Friday Sunshine post this week and if like me you're feeling a tad peckish now... enjoy whatever snack you're off to grab from the kitchen...


Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Hello Sunshine on tour : Trade Show peeks

Sorry it's been a bit quiet over the past few days, I've been a busy bee at BCTF over the weekend, all day Monday and Tuesday. I'm home now and just about unpacked and semi-organised so I promise to share a proper update on the whole affair soon!

In fact I think I might write a mini series about the whole she-bang including the new designs, my wholesale catalogue experience, photography and my new website! BUT until then, here are some peeks and photo's leading up to and on the days of the fair itself...


Making sure my fabulous new sign hangs...

Unpacking and repacking VERY EXCITING boxes

Princess Pegs overseeing the packing...

Less panicking and more packing!

Naughty breakfast en route to Harrogate

And so it begins...

Little corner of Sunshine starting to come together!


The loon behind the stand

Behind the scenes colour coordination

Order forms and ink

Essential trade show snacks!