Friday, 18 March 2016

Friday Sunshine ☀

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you've all had a sunshine filled week, and if not I hope this happy, Sunshine filled post will bring a bit your way.

This week I wanted to share four lovely couple portraits with you, some with pets and some without but each one unique and special. I had so much fun creating these Sunshines and as they were all gifts it was so lovely to build up such a personal and thoughtful doodle for each recipient.

First up, meet John and Asia with their fun filled Sunshine, including pets Shep, Sophie and Sunny the bunny. John's sister Zoë wanted this Sunshine to capture their nationalities, their dream to move to Florida, Asia's love of Irises and John's DIY hobbies... and this was the finished Sunshine doodle for them both! 

© Jo Want 2015

The next Sunshine was an extra special gift from Suzanne (of Thursday Jewellery) for her Sister and husband to commemorate their year of adventure. And what a year it sounded like they had - they got married, then moved to France (without knowing a word of French), had a delayed honeymoon to Bali and were living in a beautiful place overlooking a vineyard. 

With all of this in mind I took on (and LOVED) the challenge of trying to capture all of this amazingness in one Sunshine and this was the finished result...

© Jo Want 2015

When Alex and Zoë asked me capture Alex's parents (Bill and Cheryl) with their pets (Snoop and Eddie) in Sunshine form AND include Snoop wearing a bow tie well I could have cried with happiness! You all know how much I love doodling pets now days but when they are in bow ties... even better!

So you can imagine how much fun I had creating this Sunshine for them and I hear it went down very well with the stars of the doodle too...
© Jo Want 2015

I'm not going to mention names in this next Sunshine but I am going to tell you that I absolutely adored drawing the teeny tiny Jack Russell puppy and his human beans for this commission. I love being asked to capture hobbies, whether it's in clothing, backgrounds, objects or all three in this case and I hear that the Sunshine gift went down a treat with this Rugby loving dude!

© Jo Want 2015

I hope you enjoyed the little burst of Sunshine this morning, I will be updating my Sunshine commission albums over on Facebook regularly so be sure to keep an eye out and as always, please do get in touch if you would like a Sunshine creating...


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