Monday, 28 March 2016

Free UK Postage

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Sunday, 27 March 2016

Friday, 25 March 2016

Friday Sunshine ☀

I thought I'd share some extra special wedding Sunshines this week as I've been keeping them to myself for a while now! These Sunshines were are created and given as wedding presents to the happy couples. 

I absolutely love drawing people on their big day, looking through all of the stunning photos and happy moments that are sent over to me is magical and then the fun of doodling different wedding dresses and capturing different flowers or special items to represent the couple and their day is just THE BEST! 

Anywho, I won't gush any more! Here are the three lovely newlyweds (or not so newly as it's been a couple of months now!) I hope you like them...


Thursday, 24 March 2016

FREE POSTAGE & Hoppy Easter!

We're off camping for a few days (YAY!) and to celebrate Easter and just show a bit of Sunshine love there is FREE UK POSTAGE all weekend over at (DOUBLE YAY!)

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Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Hello Sunshine on tour : Spring Market

At the weekend I took my little stall of Sunshine to the magnificent Roundhouse in Derby to take part in the Fabulous Places Spring Market. I don't know if you've ever been to the Roundhouse before but it is a STUNNING location - as you can see in this beautiful photo from Lauren Vicker's instagram feed...

It was my first fair of the season and it was really nice to get my stall all laid out again with the addition of my brand new White Rabbit collection! The bunnies went down a treat with Easter just around the corner and lots of Spring time love in the air too.

There were also a vast array of amazing food stalls and vans there too (and you all know how much I enjoy a nice food van). The one which caught my eye instantly as we arrived though was the brilliant, bright yellow Sunshine Coffee and Bakes van...

Not only did we sample several coffees and teas from this delightful Citroën van, I just had to add it to my #fattybumbumdrawsvans list and during calmer moments I started to doodle. I promise I'll get round to finishing and colouring it soon... so watch this space for the final Sunshine van doodle!

Overall it was a lovely day out, not only did I get to see my family whilst I was back up in the Shire, I saw some of my favourite creative faces (including Amy BlackwellTwin Pine Creative, Letterbox Lane, Jessica Lennox, Hannah Stevens, Thursday Jewellery and Lunarmoth Jewllery) and caught up with lots of friends at the fair.

There were some clear stars of the show over the weekend, these little bunny and sunflower studs were by far the most popular and have been over on my website too so I had to give them a special mention. Have you got your Spring jewellery sorted yet?

It was great to practice displaying my work again and getting back in to the swing of being a stall holder in advance of my next MAHOOSIVE event, which i'm mighty nervous about! Next month I'll be packing up even more Sunshine, including shiny new designs for the British Craft Trade Show at the Great Yorkshire Showground in Harrogate. YIKES! But there will be plenty more about all of that in future posts I'm sure!

In the mean time, I hope you're all having a fabulous week and are looking forward to the long Easter weekend that's just around the corner! We will be off to the Lake District for a mini camping adventure so I'm sure a doodle and blog post about it all will follow...

Friday, 18 March 2016

Friday Sunshine ☀

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you've all had a sunshine filled week, and if not I hope this happy, Sunshine filled post will bring a bit your way.

This week I wanted to share four lovely couple portraits with you, some with pets and some without but each one unique and special. I had so much fun creating these Sunshines and as they were all gifts it was so lovely to build up such a personal and thoughtful doodle for each recipient.

First up, meet John and Asia with their fun filled Sunshine, including pets Shep, Sophie and Sunny the bunny. John's sister Zoë wanted this Sunshine to capture their nationalities, their dream to move to Florida, Asia's love of Irises and John's DIY hobbies... and this was the finished Sunshine doodle for them both! 

© Jo Want 2015

The next Sunshine was an extra special gift from Suzanne (of Thursday Jewellery) for her Sister and husband to commemorate their year of adventure. And what a year it sounded like they had - they got married, then moved to France (without knowing a word of French), had a delayed honeymoon to Bali and were living in a beautiful place overlooking a vineyard. 

With all of this in mind I took on (and LOVED) the challenge of trying to capture all of this amazingness in one Sunshine and this was the finished result...

© Jo Want 2015

When Alex and Zoë asked me capture Alex's parents (Bill and Cheryl) with their pets (Snoop and Eddie) in Sunshine form AND include Snoop wearing a bow tie well I could have cried with happiness! You all know how much I love doodling pets now days but when they are in bow ties... even better!

So you can imagine how much fun I had creating this Sunshine for them and I hear it went down very well with the stars of the doodle too...
© Jo Want 2015

I'm not going to mention names in this next Sunshine but I am going to tell you that I absolutely adored drawing the teeny tiny Jack Russell puppy and his human beans for this commission. I love being asked to capture hobbies, whether it's in clothing, backgrounds, objects or all three in this case and I hear that the Sunshine gift went down a treat with this Rugby loving dude!

© Jo Want 2015

I hope you enjoyed the little burst of Sunshine this morning, I will be updating my Sunshine commission albums over on Facebook regularly so be sure to keep an eye out and as always, please do get in touch if you would like a Sunshine creating...


Thursday, 17 March 2016

Fattybumbum draws vans.

Now, it's no big secret that I LOVE my food and if you follow me on Istagram (@sunshine_jo or @jo_want) then you'll probably be sick of seeing my food snaps already! Since I started visiting Cambridge a few years ago I became familiar with the food van concept and quickly became a HUGE FAN! I started following a few on twitter and taking note of any that maybe around on weekends I was visiting (and crying a bit when I realised most were weekday lunch dates) but it's safe to say I was hooked!

So now I have moved to Cambridge I have been religiously stalking the ever growing population of food trucks and (within reason) trying to visit as many as possible. From burgers and pizza to steamed pork buns and schnitzels - there is something for everyone and SO MANY to try and eat my way through. Needless to say I have been having great fun plotting, planning (and eating!) at different places. Whether it's at a food event, a weekly lunch pitch or an evening pop-up, with the amazing support of local bars and coffee shops these food vans are around regularly - YAY!

It's such a great concept and seems like a lovely supportive community online and at the events organised (Food Park Cambridge, you will be the death of me with your weekly temptations!) I have also been drawn in and marvelled in awe at the beautiful vans and stylish branding... so it was only a matter of time before I was going to start doodling as well as drooling over them!

So here it is... the start to my #fattybumbumdrawsvans project, a personal doodle-fest capturing all of the fantastic food vans and trailers in and around Cambridge. Starting with the mighty tasty Rösti Strasse, Holy Schnitzels and JalanJalan - seriously good food, friendly folk and mighty fine vehicles to visit and doodle. But don't just take my word for it, stalk them and taste for yourself!

 Illustration © Jo Want 2016
Illustration © Jo Want 2016

Illustration © Jo Want 2016

I'm going to be adding these to my Cambridge Sunshine album over on Facebook too and will keep the album updated as I finish each doodle. Next on the hit list and vans I've visited more than once... Steak and Honour and Guerilla Kitchen! I'm gonna need to find my super stretchy pants...

Watch this space!

Monday, 14 March 2016

Sunshine Adventures : Colorado & Utah

Seeing as I started writing this weeks and weeks ago I thought it was about time I got round to finishing and sharing the second part of our epic January holiday adventures!

At the end of our first week's holiday down in Cornwall we packed up and started the drive back to Cambridge (via the amazing Gloucester services again!) for one night only before we were to set off in the morning again for the airport.

It was a tiring trip all round but after all the driving, a cheeky stop off beer in Iceland and a lot of inflight films we finally made it to Denver, where I could not stop singing the theme tune to one of my old favourite cartoons...

We only stayed in Denver over night so we didn't really see any of it other then the HUGE area of hotels not far from the airport. In the morning on the drive out though we saw some stunning views of the rockies stretched out in front of us and took some amazing winding mountain roads up and over to Colorado!

We arrived in Ouray, Colorado just before dark and aside from some jet lag niggles slept very soundly until morning when we were greeted with AMAZING snow filled, mountain views. After stocking up on supplies (food and gear) we ventured out into the lovely historic town and went for a walk around the Ice Park where we would be spending most of our days...

Ouray Ice Park is a man made ice climbing venue in a beautiful natural gorge. There are pipes running along the tops of the gorge and at night the water is turned on to build up ice ready for hundreds of climbers to tackle and enjoy.

Some of the climbs are super high but we started off on the kiddies wall while the boys refreshed their skills and I got to grips with the basics. I'm not going to lie... I was petrified but after a couple of practice swings with my ice axes and a bit of stomping around in my cramp ons and boots I felt confident enough (just!) to give it a go and get on the rope...

It was hard work but great fun and I really enjoyed it in the end, even more so than rock climbing which also slightly terrifies me! As the week went on we tried larger climbs and by the end of the holiday I was pretty chuffed with my efforts and how high I had managed to get up some of the routes! Will and his Dad did much harder stuff than me on a few occasions but it gave me more time to toddle off and explore the snowy wonderland scenery!

When you're not climbing or hiking around the park looking for routes it gets pretty chilly so at the end of the day we often made a b-line for the incredible Hot Springs that were at the bottom of the road - just past the park full of deer! It was the BEST way to relax and unwind after being out all day and I only wish there were natural hot springs down the road from us in Cambridge so we could do it more...

While we were over in Colorado we also had the chance to take a couple of trips out of town to take in some different sights and activities - more adventures! YAY! In the middle of the trip we packed up the 4x4, left the snow in the mountains and headed out to more snow in the deserts of Utah.

It was a stunning drive and once we were there, exploring the national parks which were dusted in snow was incredible. We managed to get out to Arches National Park, Dead Horse Point and Canyonlands in the two days we were there and the views did not disappoint! 

When we arrived back in Ouray after our mini adventure to Utah we were greeted with a tonne more snow which made the surrounding mountains and town look so beautiful and serene! It also encouraged us to look into finding nearby ski resorts so we could make the most of being out in the mountains with so much fresh powder around.

Half way through our second week in Ouray, we decided to venture out along the Million Dollar Highway, up and over more mountains and down in to Durango where there was a HUGE ski resort. It's been a good few years since I've been on a snowboard and being with two skiers is always a pain but after a few tantrums and tears I finally 'found my feet' and started to enjoy the slopes and stunning sunshine that joined us for the day... not to mention the aprés ski beers!

I think that covers most of our activities and adventures in and around Ouray and Colorado, hopefully with the right balance of words and pretty pictures for you to look at? I think it's safe to say that we had the most incredible time and although I spent a lot of the trip out of my comfort zone I would do it all again within a heartbeat! You can't beat the outdoors and the thrill of trying something new... and most of the time you often end up surprising yourself with what you can do when you put your mind to it (and have an amazingly patient and kind other half to teach you scary things properly!) 

Oooh and I guess it wouldn't be a complete adventure if I didn't mention FOOD or DRINK! I can't say I was won over with any of the American cuisine we sampled (apart from a super tasty and enormous rack of ribs I had one night!) but it was fun finding marbled rye bread and trying different 'candies' and local ales. 

We also stopped at a Taco Bell on the drive back to Denver, I have always seen and heard Taco Bell mentioned in TV shows and films so have always wanted to go! Sadly though, it was not as amazing as I had imagined and certainly not as exciting as the packaging on my taco made out...

...still... "when in Rome" eh? And the disappointing Taco Bell was made up for by another stop off at the most pretty little ski town called Frisco and a naught nutella and pretzel based treat!

So there you have it, the end of our incredible January jollies and an adventure of a lifetime! And here is the Sunshine doodle I started while I was out there and finished in colour on the way home, it was tough trying to capture everything but I think it does the trick...

I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope you like the doodle too! Thank you for reading and please do get in touch (via the comments or email) if you'd like to know more about any of the trips we've been on!