Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Sunshine Adventures : The Tree Tent, Norfolk

This is the first of hopefully many new blog posts I'm going to file under 'Sunshine Adventures' and I'm pretty excited! Not only would I like to share the places I explore but I also want to illustrate each adventure with a personal Sunshine. I don't know how many of you remember this Sunshine I created of Will and I after our camping trip to Yorkshire last April, but I decided I would like to do something similar for our adventures in 2016.

© Jo Want 2015

Every time I go on holiday I take my sketchbook along too and with all the holidays we've been lucky enough to go on so far, January has been full of scribbles! In the long post I wrote summing up 2015 and laying out goals for 2016 I hinted at bringing you some proper holiday updates and I aim to use them as an excuse to share some personal Sunshine doodles and get my crayons out more often too. I love colouring in (who doesn't!) and I never share any that I do, so rather than my usual digitally coloured Sunshines you're used to seeing, these Sunshine Adventure doodles will be of the crayon variety!

This means that rather than humping a laptop around or waiting until I'm home to complete a digital Sunshine I can enjoy the soothing qualities of colouring in and share updates while I'm away. I have already shared a couple of peeks at the first #hellosunshineadventuredoodles over on Instagram but you'll have to get to the end of this blog post to see the final Sunshine!

I thought it would make sense to start this series with our mini New Year escape, seeing as we welcomed 2016 in by spending it in a tent near the seaside! Every New Year since Will and I got together we have ended up running away to celebrate New Year together and we usually end up in a tent...

2013 : Dartmoor

2014 : Northumberland

We decided to make it a bit of a nice tradition now so we wanted to continue the NYE camping for 2015 too! Knowing that we had two pretty big holidays coming up in January we only wanted to camp for one night and didn't want to spend a lot. So we decided we would keep it local (now that we're both in Cambridge!) and go out to the East Coast, where I had my first ever holiday with Mummy & Daddy Sunshine...

Minime on Kessingland Beach about 30 years ago!

Knowing that we were going to the seaside I was already excited but I'm sure I don't need to tell you how much more excited I was when Will came in telling me he had found us a place to stay where we would be seeing in the New Year floating up the trees! Yup, floating... well more like suspended... we ended up booking a night at the Wardley Hill Campsite in their amazing tree tent!

On NYE morning I was tagged on Instragram in this post and nearly wet myself when I saw it, I mean how fun does this look? AND the sunshine was out!

We arrived at the campsite around lunchtime and were greeted by the super lovely owner who showed us 'around' the tent and gave us some tips for climbing in and out (the ladder was rather wibbly!) And after unpacking our things we headed off towards the coast and enjoyed a stroll and some homemade soup at the beach at Kessingland.

It started to get dark so we headed back to the campsite to start our 'wild' New Years Eve party underneath the stars with a campfire, left over Christmas bubble & squeak, cheese & biscuits (obviously!) and gin. To me, it was the perfect way to cosy up and say farewell to 2015...

...and waking up to 2016 with sunshine, trees and brews in tin mugs was the perfect way to say hello to the New Year ahead! I wasn't planning on starting any diets so with us being by the seaside on New Years Day I think it would have been rude not to complete the trip with a fish and chip lunch on the seafront.

It was a lovely night away and such fun staying in a suspended tent amongst the trees! I'll admit that the tent wasn't all that practical when it came to getting up in the night for bathroom breaks but we were warm and full of giggles! If you're looking for something different to do and feel adventurous then I highly recommend heading to Wardley Hill and staying in their Tree Tent. If tree house style isn't your thing though you can always take a regular tent to pitch up or even look at hiring their gorgeous Shepherds Hut or Belle Tents

I hope you enjoyed the read and will pop back to share the upcoming posts I have planned about our beach holiday in Cornwall and our adventures in the States. Until then though I will leave you with the finished Sunshine of Will and I enjoying our tree tent adventure in Norfolk....

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