Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Sunshine Adventures : Cornwall & Devon

This little update is about the first part of our epic three week break which we were lucky enough to take during January. Will's Mum had rented a beautiful cottage right on Northcott Mouth Beach, near Bude to celebrate her 60th birthday and after packing up the cats for a holiday of their own we started the drive down to Cornwall.

Now we all know motorway journeys aren't the most exciting, unless you count playing Eddie Stobart lorry bingo! But this one turned out to be one of the best ones ever for me when we stopped about half way for a loo break and found these magical services...

I know it may not look much but if you haven't ever been to Gloucester Services on the M5 then you're missing out! It's like a mini heaven hidden away in the roadside, filled with farm shop goodies, bright open spaces and the most amazing selection of fresh food you could ever imagine - no Golden Arches in sight!

I won't waffle on too much about it (it's a service station after all!) but trust me, next time you're travelling on the M5 be sure to look out for these services and you won't be disappointed! Unless you're hanging out of your bumhole and really need a Maccy D's to save you... then you might be a bit disappointed!

We arrived down at the cottage in the dark accompanied by howling winds and pouring rain - well it was still mid-Winter! In the morning, although it was a bit grey, I couldn't care less about potential bad weather when I made my morning brew and was greeted with this view from the kitchen...

The Nook cottage was literally on the beach and full of so much charm and character - even bumping my head on the low ceilings and door frames couldn't stop me falling in love with the place. It was beautiful!

We spent the week taking walks along the beach (towards Sandymouth and down to Bude) as well as taking a mini road trip further along the coast towards Clovelley and a drive down into Tintagel and Welcombe in North Devon. We were pretty lucky with the weather on most days, with only the odd hail storm(!) and shower that took us by surprise.

It was just so nice to be outdoors though, by the sea and stomping through fields of mud and puddles exploring new parts of the South West. I was a very happy bunny and I'm sure these next few holiday snaps will help show you why...

Northcott Mouth Beach

Paddling on the beach in front of our cottage

Beautiful Clovelly

That's a giant teapot! A shame Margaret's Tea Room was closed.

Muddy walks are the best!

Exploring caves and waterfalls at Tintagel

Cornish Pasty treat... be rude not to!

Bude Beachhuts

Sunset at Hartland Quay

As well as a bit of wintery walking we also braved the ice cold sea for a bit of winter surfing! Togged up in our thick wetsuits, gloves, booties and oh so flattering but thank god we had them hoods, we had the most exciting, tiring and fun surfing session with the Big Blue Surf School.

Even though we had to hide behind our surf boards from a mini hail storm at one point, I have to say I never felt the cold and thoroughly enjoyed being out there. I even managed to stand up and ride a few waves in to shore! I definitely fell off a lot too but I didn't care, it was fun and we even had a rainbow watching over us at one point...

The evenings in the cottage were cosy and filled with home-cooked meals and boardgames most nights with the odd film and plenty of gin also making an appearance!

The cottage, the location, the company and the activities on this holiday were all brilliant! And the surrounding villages and coast line are some of my most favourite places to visit - especially as one of my bestest friends lives down there now too and I got to see her! *happy dance*

All in all I had the perfect winter beach break and I would go back in a heartbeat! I also got time to doodle towards the end of the week too...

© Jo Want 2016

...and it wouldn't be a Sunshine Adventure update without the finished doodle to go with it! I hope you like it and really hope that you enjoyed the read too!

© Jo Want 2016

I'll be back soon with the next instalment of our January Jollies when I'll tell you all about Colorado and our adventures over the pond... YAY!


  1. That sounds so wonderful!

    My Mum has an Eddie Storbart bingo notebook lol!


    1. Amazing! I've always wanted one! I just peer out of the window like a loony smiling at every lorry that goes past usually! :) xx