Friday, 26 February 2016

Friday Sunshine ☀

Kicking off Friday again with a mini update to share another commission I was asked to create in time for the festive season. I love being asked to create these special doodles and when they involve being showered with photos of dogs (or cats, rabbits, guinea pigs!) I can't help but smile!

Jo sent me so many beautiful pictures of her parents bloodhound and asked me to capture the handsome devil in Sunshine form as a Christmas gift to them. So today, I would like you to all meet Mac...

© Jo Want 2015

He was an absolute delight to doodle and I even heard that the hound himself was pretty chuffed with the portrait. I think he looks brilliant sat next to the final print all framed up and seeing this photo when Jo sent it over made my day!

If you may be interested in turning your pet or any of your loved ones into a Sunshine at all prices start from £40 and vary depending on detail involved. Please feel free to send a couple of photos and a description of what you would like doodling to bonjour[at] and I'll reply with more details and a quote for you.


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