Friday, 12 February 2016

Friday Sunshine ☀


I am thinking I might have to try and make Friday Sunshine a regular feature on the blog, what do you think? Popping by every Friday to share my most recent commissions with you all and building up a little showcase throughout 2016 for all the fab doodles you ask me to create!

So we kicked off last week with the very handsome Alfie and his best friend Ducky and this week I thought I would introduce Dylan who I drew for the very lovely Georgina as a Christmas gift to her Mum.

© Jo Want 2015

Dylan was an absolute pleasure to draw and I had a whole host of lovely photos of him to inspire this Pet Sunshine. 

I also received a heartwarming message on Instagram last night with a snapshot of how Dylan's Sunshine looks now he's framed and on the wall of his new home. It's messages and posts like these that make my job so wonderful...

"I love this picture of Dylan you did for me. One of the best presents Georgina has given me. She always comes up with brilliant ideas and knows me so well xx"

If you would like to turn yourself or your loved ones into a Sunshine doodle at all please do get in touch by emailing bonjour[at] or head on over to my Hello Sunshine by Jo Want Facebook page to check out the Sunshine doodle albums.

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