Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Welcome to Sunshine Towers ☀

As you may have heard or possibly gathered from other social media spam, at the end of this month I will be packing up Sunshine Towers and the kitties and relocating to Cambridge to live with a boy (eeep!)

To say I'm scared would be a slight understatement. I love my space. I love my little house in Nottingham and have spent the past four years turning it in to a home for just me and the kitties. I am aware that sounds a bit sad but I'm ok with that and have been a very happy bean at Sunshine Towers since I moved in back in 2011. However I am also VERY excited about new beginnings and the time has come to embrace an adventure of a very different kind... and you all know how much I love adventures!

Over the past couple of weeks, the more I have thought about the house I have set up and how much I've managed to achieve while I've lived here, the more I have realised how much I'm going to miss this little space. Which in turn got me thinking about how I might remember it once I've gone (can you tell I'm a bit sentimental.) Anywho... last week I was wondering around the house thinking about taking some photos but then I remembered that this piece of wonderful technology in my hand could also create a video! Oh the magic!

Now, I'm no film maker but I am quite pleased with this little cobbled together video and would very much like to invite you for a tour of Sunshine Towers before I start to pack Aesop the stag, my yellow chair and my numerous prints and pictures into boxes. The house is by no means finished or perfect but it is my little home and I love it so I hope you enjoy the tour...

Music : Foux de fa fa by Flight of the Conchords

So there you have it, a little peek into my house and for me, a lovely way to remember my first home with the kitties. Thank you so much for reading and watching by the way - I do hope you enjoyed it. Ooh and apologies for the fuzzy view if you watch full screen. My skills in this arena clearly need some work.

Right-o... now I'm off to perv at pretties on Pinterest and start planning all the loveliness we can create for Sunshine Towers II in Cambridge! Mwahahahahaha!


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