Friday, 21 November 2014

Friday filled with Renegade love and excitement!

Not only am I about to pop with excitement about being at Renegade Craft Fair in London again this weekendI literally cannot contain myself about the fact I will get to see and meet so many people who I admire and whose work I LOVE.

The list is massive and I'd love to feature everyone but I'll just share a few of my favourite designer makers with you all and insist that you visit the Renegade London website and take a moment to perv at the Roster and take in all of the wonderful talented people who are exhibiting.

So here, without further aduei or waffle are the people whose work I've been swooning over on Instagram for the past year or so...

There... now tell me you're not excited about the possibility of a shopping spree at Renegade this weekend?? Boy, I wish my purse was bottomless! If I come away with any money I make from selling my wares this weekend it will be a miracle... SO much awesomeness to buy!

I do hope Santa is reading this...

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