Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Baking for Brains : Supporting a great cause with CAKE!

A couple of months ago the lovely Katie approached me about designing a logo for her new business, 'Baking for Brains'. When Katie told me about her experiences, her plans and what it was all for I couldn't resist helping out. Below is a snippet from her original email to me...

'Baking for Brains' to raise money for The Childrens Brain Tumour Research Centre at The Universirty of Nott'm. It's to support research, as they get little funding compared to other charities & for an intraoperative mri scanner at the QMC. The scanner will allow surgeons to scan people' (children & adult) brain & or spinal cord whilst in surgery for accuracy & to ensure all tumours are removed fully where safe to do so. Meaning people won't have to have surgery, have a scan post op once recovered to find there's a bit left, then to have to go through surgery all over again to get that 'bit', which is what happens sometimes now sadly. The scanner is new innovation & will be the 1st in the UK, it will benefit people living in Nottinghamshire,  Derbyshire,  Leicestershire & as far out as Lincoln. The research will benefit worldwide. Having had a brain tumour op last nov it's something I want to support to give back my thanks.'

I hope you'll agree, it's such a fantastic cause and when a project like this involves cake too I can't see any reason for people not to get involved and show some support!

After working with Katie closely between us we came up with an idea and some designs to showcase what the project was really about. The design below is our final creation, a bold, simple yet fun representation of what 'Baking for Brains' is truly about.

I hope you'll join me in wishing Katie all the very best with 'Baking for Brains' and show your support by popping over to the fab Facebook Page, the Twitter feed and of course sparing any pennies you can through the Baking for Brains justgiving page.

You can read even more about Katie's project and the cause through any of the links below.

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