Thursday, 4 September 2014

A bit of Sunshine for you all before I go on my jollies!

Before I go chasing the sunshine in the Greek Islands (YAY!) I wanted to pop over and share two very special commissions with you.

I loved doodling this one for so many reasons. This is my dear friend Nick, his lovely fiancé Zoe and their mini petting zoo! So many pets, so much fun!

And this is one of the most magical wedding Sunshines I have ever had the privilege of doodling! Can you guess the underlying theme for Paul and Lloyd's big day? And how blooming cute do their boys, Tobias and Finley look in their little bow ties and top hats. Another Sunshine that was more fun than words can describe and such an honour to be asked to do as this was on their Order of Service! 

As always please do get in touch via my website contact page or the Hello Sunshine by Jo Want facebook page if you would like me to doodle for you.

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