Monday, 29 September 2014

Robin Hood, Robin Hood, riding through the glen...

...Robin Hood, Robin Hood, with his band of men, Feared by the bad, loved by the good, Robin Hood, Robin Hood, Robin Hood!

Please excuse the little outburst there but I couldn't resist! Yesterday I completed the Robin Hood half marathon in Nottingham for the second time, woop! A lot has happened in the past two years (good and bad) and I'd be lying if I said I didn't find the second time a little tougher than the first. Nevertheless it was still a fantastical day and the kind words, positive vibes and amazing support I had from friends and family got me through, along with the cheers and smiles from the amazing crowd on the day.

It was a lovely sunny morning and although I was super nervous about taking on the challenge of running 13.1 miles again I still managed a smile and little happy dance for the camera...

Although my pace is slow and steady, I managed to make it all the way round only having to slow down to walk a couple of times to drink - I learnt last time that I can't drink Lucozade and run at the same time without ending up a sticky mess! Maybe something I should work on!

I think my total time was 2hours and 36 minutes and as good as it felt to finish I can't tell you how good it felt during the run when complete strangers smiled and cheered my name as I ran past. Those smiles and cheers are like magic and give you such a boost when you're feeling slow and achey, it's amazing! That is what got me round, I'm certain of it and I can't thank everyone enough - the supporters, my friends and family and of course everyone who has sponsored me! 

If you would like to read a bit more about the charities I'm running for or would like to donate you can pop over to any of my justgiving pages to find out how. It means the world to me and my family to know that people are out there and want to support such great causes so a massive heart felt thank you to all how have given their pennies and support already.

Friday, 26 September 2014

Here come the ... villains!

Earlier this week you saw the scribbles... now here are my first batch of Disney villains in colour! I hope you enjoy watching this little collection grow as much as you enjoyed the Princesses and little ladies!

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Mini project part deux is GO!

Bet you can't guess what this little project is going to be all about after my last one! Here's a peek and a BIG clue...

Monday, 22 September 2014


At the weekend the boy and I took part in a fantastic event called the 'Color Run' in Brighton. Known as the happiest 5k on the planet, it was something I just HAD to take part in!

I just wanted to pop by, tell you a bit about it and share some of the photo's we took on the day of the run. The sunshine was out, the atmosphere was amazing and the location for the run (along Brighton seafront) was perfect. Such a fun way to get those knees up, enjoy yourself and help support charities at the same time!

The main reason I signed up for this event was to raise money and awareness for 3 charities which are very close to my heart - Alzheimer's Society, Macmillan and Cancer Research. I am aiming to do this by running and cycling a total of 300miles spread over several events this year. So far I've completed a 100mile bike ride and a 5k (3mile) run so I still have a long way to go but I have the Robin Hood Half Marthon (13miles) and the Nottingham Run or Dye 5k (3miles) coming up and will be entering some more cycling events too! You can read a bit more about my little challenge and see my progress over on my just giving page:

Whether you want to raise money or just want to run and enjoy the fun, I would recommend signing up to anyone and everyone. It's the friendliest, most fun event I've taken part in for a long time. Here's is a bit more info from the Colour Run website...

"The Color Run™ event is a one of a kind experience that is less about speed and more about enjoying a color crazy day with your friends and family. For our events, it is about participants of all different speeds, ages, shapes, and sizes toeing the start line. Whether you are a casual Sunday morning walker or an Olympic athlete, the 3 miles of The Color Run™ course will be the most enjoyable 3 miles you’ve travelled in a VERY long time."

So, there you have it, an awesome event, a great day out and all for brilliant causes! I hope you've enjoyed the photos and reading a bit about The Color Run. Before I say goodbye I shall leave you with our post race photo... just before we jumped into the sea!


Friday, 19 September 2014

Sunshine on a special day!

Last month I created a beautiful wedding 'Sunshine' as a gift from an old uni friend to her friends who were tying the knot in September. Needless to say I blooming loved creating it, not only because Sunshines are my favourite thing to do but because this one also featured the happy couples kitties too!

Just before I went on my jollies I posted off the finished sunshine ready to be wrapped and given to the happy couple. I always like to wait a few weeks and make sure everyone's happy before I share my commissioned doodles, especially if they are wedding gifts as presents sometimes don't get opened until after honeymoons. So I was being a patient bean and waiting until the end of the month but I got the nicest little surprise yesterday!

Another lovely friend of mine messaged me to let me know she had spotted a photograph with some of my work featured over on the Shottle Hall facebook page. I cannot tell you how excited and happy I was when I saw this picture...

The happy couple had received their custom doodle gift the day before the wedding and had chosen to use it on the day itself! YAY! It is just the BEST feeling ever to know that you have created something for people who are proud and pleased enough to use it on their special day!

I love doodling for people and this is one of the many reasons why so I just had to share the lovely Sunshine and this fabulous photo with you all. Here's to the shiny new happy couple, wishing them a bright future full of sunshine and adventures together!


Thursday, 18 September 2014

Tuesday, 16 September 2014


With the help of my beautiful assistant we have a WINNER of my 1000 likes facebook giveaway! 

The lovely winner is Joanna Eldridge! CONGRATULATIONS! 

BIG thank yous to each and every one of you for all of your lovely comments and support! 
Love and sunshine to you all! 

Giveaway winner countdown and some cheeky jolliday snaps...

Good morning! Just wanted to swing by with a quick note to say that my facebook giveaway is now closed. HUGE THANKS to every one of you for entering! You guys are awesome! I will announce the winner over on my facebook page at 6pm TODAY! 

Until then here are some jolliday snaps for y'all! 

Monday, 15 September 2014

I'M BACK! *waves*

After a lovely week of holiday sunshine I'm home and while I unpack I just wanted to remind you lovely lot that you still have until MIDNIGHT TONIGHT to enter my 1000 likes #GIVEAWAY! 

Head to the post at the top of my #facebook page to find out how you could WIN a bunch of #crazycatlady goodies! YAY!

Thursday, 4 September 2014


That's it folks! I'm officially on HOLIDAY! ☀ 

I just wanted to say three things before I go though...

1. A HUGE 'Hello!' to all of you lovely new likers! 1033! Eep!
2. BIG thank you to everyone who has entered my giveaway!
3. Everyone who hasn't entered has until midnight on 15th Sept!

Thank you all and toodlepip! I'm off to find some sunshine!

View of Telendos from Myrties, Kalymnos 
image from PInterest

A bit of Sunshine for you all before I go on my jollies!

Before I go chasing the sunshine in the Greek Islands (YAY!) I wanted to pop over and share two very special commissions with you.

I loved doodling this one for so many reasons. This is my dear friend Nick, his lovely fiancé Zoe and their mini petting zoo! So many pets, so much fun!

And this is one of the most magical wedding Sunshines I have ever had the privilege of doodling! Can you guess the underlying theme for Paul and Lloyd's big day? And how blooming cute do their boys, Tobias and Finley look in their little bow ties and top hats. Another Sunshine that was more fun than words can describe and such an honour to be asked to do as this was on their Order of Service! 

As always please do get in touch via my website contact page or the Hello Sunshine by Jo Want facebook page if you would like me to doodle for you.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Holiday countdown...

WOOP! Yup, that's right folks! I'm off on my jollibobs this Friday and I can't blooming wait! For the next week or so I will be adventuring on the Greek Island of Kalymnos and will be taking in sights similar to this...

I'm sure there will be plenty of snaps flooding my instagram account (@sunshine_jo) so feel free to pop over and have a nosey. I'll apologise in advance for the food, beach and general awesome holiday time envy my photos may cause though!

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Celebrating 1000 lovely Facebook like with a GIVEAWAY!

WOOP! You heard it right! Today saw my little Hello Sunshine by Jo Want page reach 1000 likes and as you can imagine I'm over the blooming moon about it! I mean 1000 lovely people like and follow my creative adventures - that's pretty damn awesome in my books and I can't thank you all enough!

So to celebrate, to thank each and every one of my 1012 (WOW!) likers and to welcome future newbies to my Hello Sunshine facebook page I am running a wee giveaway! For your chance to win a COMPLETE SET of Little Black Cat jewellery (that's a necklace, a brooch AND a pair of studs!) head on over to to enter.

Thank you all again for your continued love and support with my little business, it means the world to me and I can't tell you how excited I am to share my creative adventures with you all!


Monday, 1 September 2014

Lucky Dip Club

Happy Monday folks! I just wanted to whizz by and share some photos of the VERY exciting post I got last month courtesy of the AMAZING Lucky Dip Club.

What is this Lucky Dip Club I speak of? Well in the words of the super talented and lovely owner, Leona;

"Welcome to Lucky Dip Club a super fun world of handmade and vintage all packaged up into surprise monthly boxes created by me: Leona Thrift-ola.  Each month has a new theme and inside you’ll discover a range of products which could include handmade jewellery, an original homewares design, fun stationery, an ace accessory, an easy-peasy DIY kit and thoughtful tokens all beautifully wrapped and packed to delight and inspire your month ahead. The cherry on top? One of the items every month will be personalised especially for you!"

Amazing right?? I just had to order my very first Lucky Dip box and I wasn't disappointed that's for sure! I even had to wrestle Pegs for it when the post man arrived...

Everything inside was perfectly wrapped and just beautiful! You can't beat the excitement of old fashion post and when it contains an array of hand selected, hand crafted and personalised treats it's hard not to wet yourself when it comes through that post box and you start unwrapping everything!

The theme for August was the 'Think Happy Ice Cream Box' and it was the perfect little box of happiness! 

The box included:
  • A personalised ice-cream necklace
  • A soft scoop sundae enamel brooch in dreamy pastels
  • A sprinkles sketchbook for doodling & list making
  • A ‘Think Happy’ positive pencil in candy pink
  • Sundae Girl travel pouch for make-up or stationery
  • A ribbon & button DIY kit to pimp your pouch

I tried to get some nice photos of everything inside but someone (Toby cat!) had other ideas and was clearly as excited as me...

But fear not, the contents of each months boxes are revealed over on the Lucky Dip Club Instagram feed and are also listed on the website to purchase separately so I have had to borrow one of Leona's wonderful images to showcase the contents off in a much more professional (and cat free) way! 

I'm sure you will all agree that this has to be one of the most exciting parcels to receive in the post! You can find out lots more about this wonderful club and how to be part of it over on the Lucky Dip Club website. Be sure to follow the instragram feed too and ensure that you're up to date when new themes are announced and these wonderful boxes are available to subscribe to.

I believe Septembers box has been announced today (EXCITING!) so go and take a gander and join the most delightful and inspiring club there is to join!