Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Raining (or sunshining) Cats & Dogs!

I have been itching to share these sunshines with you for a while and now I know that the lovely recipients have them in their hands I can introduce you to a few of my favourite Pet Sunshine so far!

First up meet Lollie & Belle, beautiful pooches with a penchant for Football and meerkats!

And this handsome fellow is Rex, one of two kitties I drew for a friend...

Second of the two kitties is Pablo (or Pabs for short). Such a beautiful, regal kitty with the coolest collar on in neighbourhood! 

You guys probably know by now how much I LOVE creating these Sunshine commissions and this little selection was no exception. The lovely owners and commissioners alike have sent me some wonderful feedback and over the weekend I received some amazing photo's that I just had to share too!

If you have had a sunshine doodled or received one (pets or people!) I would love to hear about it and always love to see photos where possible too. So please feel free to get in touch as I'd love to share them on my blog and facebook page!

I hope these guys have made you smile as much as they did me!

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