Saturday, 1 March 2014

Dogs, Cats, Rabbits and Hamsters!

On this lovely sunny morning I thought I'd share some more pet doodles I have been asked to do. I must apologise as they are a little late but I've been quite poorly recently and have spent the best part of the past week on the sofa cuddled up with my kitties, a box of tissues and various pills and potions.

Enough of that though... it's time to introduce some awesome animals! First up, meet Bonnie and Tommy...

These two are the stars of a shiny new logo I have developed for a new business called Happy Paws which offers dog walking and pet sitting for people in Chesterfield. As well as Bonnie and Tommy I needed to come up with two more pets to add to the logo so I decided to revisit my childhood and doodle my old pet rabbit, Tango and my sisters hilarious little hamster, Ralph too.

With a lovely clear brief and these wonderful characters to play with I designed a couple of logo options for Happy Paws and enjoyed every minute of doodling in the process!

The other pet doodle I want to share is one I started a while ago and finally finished a couple of weeks ago. I thought that seeing as they have done such a good job of looking after me this past week or so that now was a perfect time to share my sunshine doodle of Pegs and Toby!

I hope these make you smile as much as they made me smile when I was drawing them and remember, if you have a pet or know someone who would love to have a doodle of their pet then please do get in touch! Have a lovely weekend!

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