Monday, 31 March 2014

1 business, 4 dogs and a whole lot of sunshine!

A wee while back I was asked to create a shiny new logo for a dog grooming business. When the lovely Michelle gave me the brief and it included creating more little dog characters I was over the moon! After a few scribbles and playing about with colours we finally had our 4 main pooches...

I have named this magnificent labrador Bouncer 
(revealing some of my childhood memories of watching neighbours after school!)

This cheeky Schnauzer goes by the name Gabe
(can anyone remember the Puppy in my Pocket toys from the 90s??)

I couldn't resist naming the wee Westie Hamish
(for my Mum and thinking back to all the episodes of Hamish MacBeth we used to watch!)

...and this is the Top Dog himself, Hurley
(the abundance of photos Michelle has of him on her facebook page are just awesome!)

So with these cheeky chaps ready and a lovely clear brief from Michelle and Hurley, the final logo for Hurley's Dog Grooming came to life... ta dah!

It was so much fun doodling for Michelle, she was a perfect customer and her kind words throughout the commission made it an absolute pleasure. I can't wait to see Hurley's Dog Grooming come to life with their new logo and with Michelle all the very bestest in her dog grooming adventure!

If you would like a logo designing or even a doodle of your pet please do get in touch, you can see more examples of my doodles over on my Hello Sunshine by Jo Want facebook page.

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