Saturday, 1 February 2014

New place. New burger. Same awesome Annie.

Ok so I’m going to start the new year with a bit of cheat for my ‘New Place’ update. It’s only a teeny tiny cheat though. I said I would visit a somewhere new, whether it be a city, restaurant or country so I thought I’d start with Annie’s Burger Shack for January.

‘That’s not a new place!’ I hear you shout. Ah but it is. They have relocated to a super shiny new premises in Nottingham and it’s a whole different experience to how it used to be when it was back at the Old Navigation Inn. So new location, new experience and I sampled a new burger. That’s got to count right? And to be fair it’s about time this incredible burger place had its own post on here too considering how many times I have eaten there over the past year or so!

So Annie’s Burger Shack and Freehouse. Now on Broadway in Nottingham’s Lace Market area and in a huge old beautiful building which now allows for hoards of burger fans to enjoy over 30 choices of burger! Yup you heard. 30! If you haven’t been before I definitely recommend it and if you don’t want to take my word for it (I’ve tried pretty much every burger on this incredible menu) you can check out the photographs below and tell me if you still wouldn’t want to sample a bite...

Hungry for more? Check out my Instagram feed (yes I know, food obsessed).

High ceilings, moonshine bottles, wooden furniture and a HUGE bar take this burger shack to a whole new level compared to the slightly tatty, rugged looking old man’s pub it was in before. Don’t get me wrong I loved the setting in the Old Nav, there was a certain charm and wonderful weirdness to the place with the slightly grumpy barman, worn furniture and dim lighting which I will honestly miss but the new place is just incredible in comparison and shows you how hard Annie and her team have worked and their deserved success.

You can read loads more about Annie, her amazing burger adventure and the new Shack and Freehouse on their facebook page but for now I shall leave you with a picture of the super tasty ‘Reuben’ burger with a side of sweet potato fries. Amazing.

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