Thursday, 5 December 2013

New Adventures in 2013 : Where have I been?

Wow! I just had a quick look back through my blog and it seems that I haven't actually done a specific 'New Places' blog post for a looooong time! Back at the beginning of the year I promised myself that I would keep making it my mission to visit a new place each month and my intention was to share those places with you monthly...

Although I may have failed on the monthly sharing I am VERY pleased to say that I have most definitely managed to keep up with the exploring side of things and have indeed been to many new and exciting places over the year! YAY! So I though that I would swing by to finally fill you in and share some photos.

I hope you enjoy the mini 'slide show' below!

January: Norway

February : Hambleton

March : Milton Keynes

April : Dr Sketchy's

May : Devon

June : Snibston Discovery, Leicester

July : Lynmouth

August : Mt Snowdon

September : The Rockies

October : Borough Market

November : Renegade Craft Fair

It always amazes me how fast a year can seem to fly by and it often scares me but when I look back at the teeny tiny snippets above that sum up some of the things that have happened this year it makes sense. When you cram as much as you can into life and aim to get the most out of every day I guess time really does fly because you're having fun! 

Next weekend will mark Decembers adventure and brand new place for me but I won't spill the beans yet... you'll have to pop by again to see where I ended up. It's sure to be a mighty festive update that's for sure! TTFN!

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