Saturday, 21 December 2013

An alternative advent calendar...

Recently you may have noticed that over on my facebook page I have been posting a festive pic pretty much every day (sometimes a few in one day if I have been a busy or forgetful bean!)

This is my very own advent calendar this year. "What? No chocolate?" I hear you cry! Well... as much as I LOVE my food, I don't really have a sweet tooth so over the years whenever I have had chocolate advent calendars I have always ended up with lots of open doors and left over chocolates (or my sister got double when we were little!)

So this year I decided to create my own visual advent calendar on Instagram and I've really enjoyed doing it! I have actually been meaning to blog about this since I started on 1st Dec but this month (like most of the year) has whipped by me with all of the festive adventures and fun times that have been going on so here I am on Day 21 and only just waffling at you about it...

Still better late than never eh? And I have 20 lovely photos to share with you in the post now! YAY! 

1st Dec : New decorations for Sunshine Towers this festive season

2nd Dec : Rummaging through cupboards for Christmas decorations!

3rd Dec : Festive lunch

4th Dec : Christmas Pudding Hoody!

5th Dec : A very special decoration at the top of the tree this year

6th Dec : Winter Wonderland, Nottingham

7th Dec : Shiny new Toby Cat tree decoration

8th Dec : Santa and tea today at Craft.Design.Contemporary 

9th Dec : Festive treats in the post at work today!


10th Dec : Snow White just drove me home! Christmas is a magical time!

11th Dec : Exciting post & woolly hats!

12th Dec : Twinkle

13th Dec : Christmas jumper day!

14th Dec : Carol Singers at Bath Christmas Markets. So beautiful!

15th Dec : Bath Abbey towering majestically over the Christmas markets 

16th Dec : Brown paper packages tied up with string

17th Dec : Absolutely beautiful surprise post from @Together_Design today

18th Dec : Mulled wine with old friends

19th Dec : Christmas Pie night! 

20th Dec : Friday Pieday thanks to @lpizzell 

I hope you enjoyed browsing through them and are feeling super festive now if you weren't before?! Don't forget, be sure to pop over to my facebook page later on today to catch Day 21!

Happy festive fun times to you all! 

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