Saturday, 26 October 2013

It's 'aboot' time I shared my holiday snaps 'eh?'

Seeing as it's nearly 4 weeks since I got home from Canada I thought it was aboot time I shared some of the beautiful (and some silly) photos from one of the most memorable holidays I've ever been on!

I won't waffle about how amazing it was because I am hoping by the following photos that you will be able to imagine how excited and amazed I was to be 'oot' there enjoying the very best of the Canadian Rockies.

This is only a teeny tiny selection of the photos I snapped during my two weeks of awesomeness but I hope you enjoyed browsing them. Its such an amazing place full of amazing things to see and do so I just had to share my experience with you all - maybe it will inspire you to go visit to? (You know it makes sense!)

Anywho, one last note before I go... none of my awesome adventures could have been possible without my incredibly lovely, generous and all round fantabulous friend Charlie, her husband Matt and of course Rosie the pooch! I could not thank them enough but I started with creating a doodle for them...

Here's to amazing friends, incredible adventures and the very beautiful place that is Canada!

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