Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Did you know that you can purchase your very own pieces of Sunshine from some of these fabulous places? ☀

As Christmas is fast approaching us I thought it would be nice to maybe help you plan where you could do some of your Crimblemas shopping trips, which happen to also be places you can purchase a lil' piece of Hello Sunshine goodness! Funny that.

So... as well as updating my 'Stockists' page over at, I will be blogging about some of the fantastically wonderful business who have shown me amazing support by selling my jewellery and cards. So keep your eyes peeled and pop back soon for the first instalment!

Saturday, 26 October 2013

It's 'aboot' time I shared my holiday snaps 'eh?'

Seeing as it's nearly 4 weeks since I got home from Canada I thought it was aboot time I shared some of the beautiful (and some silly) photos from one of the most memorable holidays I've ever been on!

I won't waffle about how amazing it was because I am hoping by the following photos that you will be able to imagine how excited and amazed I was to be 'oot' there enjoying the very best of the Canadian Rockies.

This is only a teeny tiny selection of the photos I snapped during my two weeks of awesomeness but I hope you enjoyed browsing them. Its such an amazing place full of amazing things to see and do so I just had to share my experience with you all - maybe it will inspire you to go visit to? (You know it makes sense!)

Anywho, one last note before I go... none of my awesome adventures could have been possible without my incredibly lovely, generous and all round fantabulous friend Charlie, her husband Matt and of course Rosie the pooch! I could not thank them enough but I started with creating a doodle for them...

Here's to amazing friends, incredible adventures and the very beautiful place that is Canada!