Saturday, 18 May 2013

New places & new food...

If you can remember when I set my mini missions for 2013, two of my most favourite things featured in my list: Traveling and Food. These were the mini mission statements...

  • I love food. I want to cook something new or go for a meal somewhere new each month
  • Continue to make visiting a new place each month my mission for 2013

Back in January my new place was amazing Norway where I also tried reindeer for the very first time. February brought a mini adventure to a beautiful village called Hambleton and the food of the month turned out to be a new experience with cooking Llama.

It's now getting towards the back end of May and I haven't stopped by with any tasty news or travel updates have I? *slapped wrists* So before June lands here's what my dinner plate and travel diary has looked like...

In March a group of us took a visit to SnoZone in Milton Keynes. As well as a bit of snowboarding we got chance to explore the bizarre town that is Milton Keynes. They have dinosaurs in the centre... and I thought the place was known for concrete cows and roundabouts...who knew?

In terms of a food adventure, March was the month I was brave enough to make Hollandaise sauce for one of my favourite breakfast dishes, Eggs Benedict. It turned out pretty well too - with a little help and teamwork. Mmmmm.

In April a birthday celebration took us to the Nottingham and District Gun Club. Yup, that's right someone actually handed me a loaded shot gun! It was a completely new experience for me and was so much fun, even though I was a bit rubbish! 

The food tale I want to share from April was a very exciting experience. In Cambridge there is a lovely pub called The Geldart. They are known for their Hot Rocks, a unique experience, as main meals are cooked at the table on volcanic rock! It's awesome! 

You chose your meat and two tasty side dishes and then the meat comes out barely cooked and carries on cooking on the volcanic hot rock at your table! Amazing huh? I chose zebra and it was delicious. Unfortunately though it was not stripy all the way through...

And here we are in May, where my new place this month has been Harpur Hill in Buxton. Stunning views and plenty of rock climbers to watch whilst I doodled in the sunshine. A lovely day out which was the end to a great weekend out in the beautiful Peak District.

And although I haven't made anything new this month or been out to any shiny new restaurants I still think this months new food is important... and potentially something I could get addicted to! Marmite crisps! Yum!

At the moment I have no idea what June may bring but by ensuring I'm off to new places and aiming to try new foody treats it means I always look forward to the start of a new month! 

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