Friday, 31 May 2013

A very special bit of birthday Sunshine!

One of my lovely friends celebrated her birthday a couple of weeks ago by having an afternoon tea party. Leading up to Polly's birthday I decided I was going to draw a Sunshine for her, one of my most favourite things to do as I'm sure you know by now!

I loved doodling this picture and I especially loved the fact I could draw her wearing the beautiful Anthropologie pinny that our team bought for her last year. Macaroons, baking, Liberty fabrics, Hello Kitty and sewing also had to feature as a few of Polly's favourite things and this was the final doodle...

Unfortunately I was really quite poorly over the weekend over Polly's birthday and for the following week so missed the celebrations and was unable to giver her the present on time *sob*

However, a couple of days after the tea party, whilst I was still tucked up in my PJs feeling sorry for myself, I spied a few photos of the lovely celebrations I missed... and can you imagine how excited I was to see this photo!?!

Polly now has her little Sunshine doodle and I think it's safe to say she loved it. We had a mighty good chuckle over the mad coincidence of me pretty much drawing her like for like in the photo from her birthday...

Happy Birthday again Polly! 

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