Sunday, 14 April 2013

Something new (and a bit cheeky!) for April...

'The "not up it's arse art art class" where burlesque & art collide'

That's what Dr Sketchy's is all about and it's a bloody brilliant! This weekend I went along to my very first burlesque life drawing event at the Glee Club in Nottingham. Run by the very talented Scarlett Daggers and Charlotte Thompson-Morley, Dr Sketchy's Nottingham was established in 2009 (why on earth haven't I been before now?!?!) and is part of the bigger world wide Dr Sketchys Anti Art School family.

Saturdays session started at 1pm with tea and cake from the bar and as we found a seat amidst the crowd, (it was packed with people and their pencils!!) I started to feel a little nervous as well as excited! It's been a VERY long time since I did life drawing back on my foundation course and it has never ever been my strong point. 

As soon as Scarlett Daggers came on stage to introduce the session though I instantly forgot about my nerves and knew that it was going to be a lot of fun. From 5 minute quick poses to longer 15-20min poses from the stunning models and performers it meant you could have a bash at drawing whatever you fancied without the pressure of knowing an art teacher and peers would be judging your finished piece. I mean, there were prizes for the best drawings if you wanted to participate but no pressure, it was all about the fun, enjoying the show and having a go. 

What better atmosphere and environment to pick up a pencil and battle those life drawing fears? It was something I used to dread at college but not this weekend!! I didn't care if my drawings didn't look 'real life', it didn't matter, I just enjoyed the excuse to draw freely and take in my first bit of burlesque. I think it's safe to say I am now hooked!

We had some fantastic models/performers throughout the session, Kareena came on to do several short poses in some fantastic outfits and the two short burlesque performances by Beau Rocks and Eliza Delite, followed by poses by each of them were just fantastic!

Even though all of my life drawing doodles look like cartoon characters I can't say I was disappointed in myself. I loved every minute! As you can see from my drawings below, life drawing still isn't my strong point but the poses, outfits, performances and general experience was so inspiring that even if I draw everyone as a cartoon for the rest of my life I'll still be happy!

There were some amazingly talented artists scribbling away in the room and some absolutely incredible drawings produced yesterday. But even if you feel that you can't draw well or don't feel confident drawing at all, I would still recommend every one to go along to and experience Dr Sketchy's Nottingham because it's just brilliant!

As you can probable tell I bloody loved it yesterday and I'm already itching to go back for June's 'Animal Magic' show! Hopefully I'll see some of you there with your sketchbooks too...

Find out more about Dr Sketchy's Nottingham at

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