Sunday, 10 February 2013

New food. New places. New Listings.

We're fast approaching the middle of February already and I know I've said it before but where on earth did January go?!?! It feels like it whizzed by but at the same time so much seems to have happened, which I guess can only be a good thing in many way. After all who wants time to whip past without being able to say they have done lots in the mean time?

With that in mind I thought I'd drop in today to write a few words and share a few pictures about how things are going since I wrote my mini mission list for 2013 back in January. So far it's looking promising as there are a couple of things on my list that I can waffle on about you lucky devils you!)

First of all, I must introduce you to the ever growing wild cats that appear to have replaced my little balls of kitten fluff! Toby and Pegs are just as amazing as ever but boy are they growing fast! If someone knows how to stop this please let me know before they take over the house...

I'll start with one of my loves in life. FOOD! I wanted to make sure that each month I was either eating something new or at least making something that I haven't tried making before... it's a hard life right? So for January's 'new food' I can now add Reindeer meat to the menu. Yup Rudolf. Not something I expected to be saying but while we were in Norway we had the most delicious Reindeer Stew with a super tasty rich and creamy sauce served with lingonberry jam and potatoes. It was amazing... I'm sorry Rudolf but you were delicious and Santa does not know what he's missing!

February's food started with a friend and I cooking something with both LOVED eating while we were travelling in South America but have never eaten since and have never tried to cook ourselves. Llama. I don't know if you've ever tried alpaca meat but it's lovely! The steaks are so tasty and it's rather good for you as it's such a lean meat. The flavour and texture is somewhere between a beef steak and a pork loin and it's delicious on it's own or with a sauce. We only fried it with butter and seasoning so nothing fancy but it was just as tasty as I remembered... although sitting in Beeston at home is mighty different to sitting in a cafe bar in Peru or Chile!

January and February have been quite exotic food stuffs I guess, well unusual, and I can't promise the rest of the year will continue to be as such. I can promise you that I'm already thinking about what delights I may stumble across or aim to cook myself in March though... watch this tummy... I mean space!

Although I don't have a new place for both January and February yet and I have kinda already talked about January's new place in my last blog post, this update will be a quick one! Norway gets a HUGE tick for being my first very shiny new place for 2013 so far. Beautiful beautiful Oslo and the most amazing mountains of Hemsedal have stolen my heart and set my mind racing for the rest of the year ahead and where I can go... I'm pretty sure I will have exciting adventure news to be sharing with you in the coming months. Itchy feet is an understatement right now!

Ok so before I get to over excited about potential travel plans and the parts of the world I want to run off to I better move onto my last little update from my list of 2013 'To Do's'... Recently I updated both my Folksy and Etsy shops to reflect my new website design and also pull in some extra sales for this quiet time of the year following Christmas. They are looking rather smart if I do say so myself and after a couple of sales already I'm starting to feel more positive about the online side of my little business.

It's an area I'm often wary of pushing whilst I still work full time as the hours in the day limit what I can keep up with but a gentle push and nudge every now and then is always a good thing and it's ever important to keep my online presence up! So here's hoping the regular updates and listings will keep things ticking along and bring sunshine to lots more people.

So... there you have it, 6 weeks or so into the new year and plenty going on in Hello Sunshine land! I'm sure there will be plenty more for me to waffle about as the weeks roll on by... but until next time, toodlepip!

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