Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Doodle update : What I Wore Today Book

In order to fight some post jolliday blues I've been getting reacquainted with my lovely pencil crayons and fabulous What I Wore Today Book. It's been a while (a whole season!) since I last let you peek into my book so I thought it was a great excuse to have a mini update too!

I'll be sure to fill you in soon about the incredible snow filled adventure I've just retuned from but for now I'll leave you with a few pictures to show you what Autumn looked like in this lovely book of doodles...

It doesn't seem long since I started filling this book and now I'm currently working my way through the last section of the book, which is Winter! Eeek! Where did the time go? Anywho, I'll be sure to share all of the lovely cosy, wintery doodles with you all soon as well as looking back over some of my favourite entries.

For now though, I hope you enjoy having a nosey at Autumn's doodles! 

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Sunshine over Christmas...

Now the festive season has past and the gifts have been given I wanted to fly by and share some of the commissions I was working on leading up to Christmas. 

I know I say it every time but drawing sunshine commissions is my most favourite so I hope you enjoy looking at these as much as I enjoyed creating them for the wonderful people who commissioned me...

Saturday, 5 January 2013

New Year. New Adventures. New Goals.

After reflecting on 2012 in my last three blog posts of the year and summing up what I had achieved, I realised that I needed a few days for it to all sink in before I shared my thoughts, ideas, mini missions and general sunshine plans for 2013. So please forgive me for being a few days late with this 'New Year' post but I hope you enjoy the read anywho!

I'm not one for making new year resolutions as such, I prefer to set myself goals for the year or little tasks that I know, when I put my mind to it, can be achieved with that extra motivation, enthusiasm and effort. It's how I started 2012 and although the year had some rather black rain cloud moments, generally my outlook on life is a sunny one and because of this I intend to learn from the bad points of the year and carry on bringing the sunshine to my work, blog, friends, family and... well every day life!

Looking back at the list of mini missions I set myself a year ago I am pleased to be able to tick off nearly everything from the list and those items I didn't quite achieve I can either build on them for the coming year or set myself shiny new goals... anyway here's the list from last year and a bit of an update on how it turned out...

Re-design & update www.hello-sunshine.co.uk - she needs a facelift!
Mission actually complete. She does need a bit of preening and will need regular care but check it out for yourself and feel free to let me know what you think too! www.hello-sunshine.com

Finish pimping & decorating the kitchen at Sunshine Towers ready for cooking & baking adventures
Done and Done. And it's safe to say it's seen many a pie and other culinary delights (and disasters!) over the year. 'My dirty little secret' blog post provides a peek into my foody side of life and reflects this in some of the images too!

Plan & run off to as many new cities as possible - UK & lands afar!
I think I covered this off nicely in my 'Where I've been in 2012' blog post and am VERY happy about everywhere I managed to get to over the year.

Expand the Hello Sunshine collection with a shiny new range
2012 saw the introduction of two mini sub-ranges to Hello Sunshine's jewellery range. These were my Swooping Swallows and Home Tweet Home collections. Hard work but worth it in every way.

Paint & put finishing touches to the bathroom at Sunshine Towers
Another mission complete! I blooming LOVE my shower and the fact that my bathroom feels so light now. At the start of 2012 I used to prefer showering and getting ready at work rather than being at home. I can safely say this is NOT the case now!

Start my blossom tattoo designs… and maybe the ink side too
So I started the research, Pinterest has been my saviour but also is ultimately the reason I failed to get the tattoo started. The Pins I stumbled across and inspiration Boards I made just made me realise that I don't actually know what I want because there's so much out there that I LOVE. Maybe 2013 will be the year to seriously consider it now I have a wealth of pictures to take into a studio with me...

Enter at least 3 fun runs between 5-10km
Umm... ok so I failed this one too if you take it literally BUT I did complete the Robin Hood half Marathon (21k) and the Grim Challenge (12.8k) which are both events that smash these targets and are achievements I am so proud of as I never thought I would be running that much or that far in 2012.

Read at least 10 new books this year
I just about made this one, I think I finished my tenth book about a week before the year ended. I updated my reading list in my 'Small Changes I made in 2012' blog post and look forward to reading just as much this year.

Infiltrate at least 10 new shops/galleries with Hello Sunshine Jewellery
2012 saw my work go into Embrace Arts, Appendage, Midas, Cherry Blossom and Mission Gallery and although that's not 10 new places, as I started to get the orders in I realised that realistically I couldn't cope with trying to get more stockists under my belt and keep up with the making side of things. So even though I can't tick this one off the list it has made me sit back and think about how important it is to maintain a balance as well as a high standard of service and great relationship with my existing stockists.

Explore more of Nottingham on my bike... with picnics in hand (well.. basket)
Although I definitely went out more on my bike in 2012 than I have done before I don't feel like I pushed myself enough to go far enough. I enjoyed many a bike ride down the embankment, around Wollaton park, with picnics in Highfields and down the canal in and out of town but I think I may have to plan some further afield adventures to some new places in 2013!

Phew! So that's a bit more waffle about last year than I intended but it feels good to look back and talk (write) about how it's turned out. It's also helped me think more about what I want to get out of 2013 and although a lot of it will be more of the same, I do have some shiny new mini missions for the year ahead too.

So here's what it looks like...

  • Continue to make visiting a new place each month my mission for 2013
  • Tip the studio upside down and inside out in order to have a good clean out and redecorate
  • Take Pi out on many more bike rides in and around Nottingham... maybe further!
  • Assess my Hello Sunshine jewellery range with the aim to refine what I offer and introduce more shiny newness throughout the year
  • Enter 2 half marathons this year - or if I don't do the events at least run this far more often!
  • Make an appointment to talk to the tattoo artist I've been meaning to and take all of my inspiration to get the ball rolling
  • I love food. I want to cook something new or go for a meal somewhere new each month
  • Keep my Hello Sunshine, Etsy & Folksy sites fresh and up to date throughout the year
  • See more live music - local, far away, gigs, festivals, bands I like, new bands. Get involved!
  • Camping. I love it but didn't go anywhere with my trusty tent, Beany. This needs to change...

and last but not least I want to ensure that I am keeping the small changes I made in 2012 alive in 2013 and I am damn sure I will be spending as much time as I can with those who mean the absolute world to me... especially this little lady, who has bought so much sunshine to mine and my families life.

So there you have it... my new mini missions for 2013. Health, happiness and an all round positive outlook on life goes without saying when it comes to my list of priorities for the year ahead and as long as I keep them in mind and stay true to that I feel that 2013 can be just as good, if not better than 2012.

Bring on the adventures, fun times and awesomeness with friends, family and the kitties too ☀

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy Shiny New Year!

...from myself and these two tinkers! Wishing you all a happy, healthy, adventure filled 2013! ☀