Saturday, 29 December 2012

Where I've been in 2012...

Ok, as promised, here's another instalment to make up for being a bit slack on the ol' blog front these past couple of months... 

Yesterday I looked back over my 12 What I Wore Today doodles, which I hope you enjoyed! Today I am revisiting one of my New Year Missions that I set myself back in January which was  to visit 12 new places (near or far) in 2012.

So where did I go and what did I do throughout 2012? To be fair I probably went to more than 12 new places this year, whether it was a brand new city or country or if it was a city I'd been to before and just a new place within it... but the 12 I decided to highlight throughout the year are as follows...

January took me to beautiful Oxford.

February involved a mini (chilly) adventure exploring Prague.

March wasn't an entirely new place but I made new memories in Matlock.

In April a long weekend in Brighton introduced me to a new beautiful tearoom!

May meant it was time for birthday fun times in Amsterdam!

June brought the jubilee and a craft fair in a new place on my doorstep : St Mary's Church

July was a month for weddings and a reception in Branston was my new place that month!

August... well I think I covered more new places in one month with my Jollies in India than in the whole year... AMAZING

September, although not a new place at all, Nottingham provided me with nearly 13.1 miles worth of unexplored roads and routes on the Robin Hood Half Marathon.

I feel in love at the O2 Academy in Leicester in October when I went to see the amazing a beautiful dreadlocked talent that is Newton Faulkner *swoon*

November, the month of the Moustache, my favourite! I ran 8 miles up in Hull at the dreaded Grim Challenge. A new place to visit and a new challenge for sure but jolly good (and frickin' freezing) fun!

And here we are in December! It's whizzed by and although I haven't been to any new places per say I've been to a lot over the month, including 2 Craft Fairs in Nottingham, the Frankfurt Christmas markets in Birmingham, London with work and a wedding in nearby, beautiful Plumtree.

I think the most visually exciting and memory provoking place I ended up in December has to be London, outside Harrods to be precise gazing through the windows at their stunning Disney Princess Designer windows. Just stunning! And being a mahoosive Disney fan and big kid at heart I was in my element reliving all of the fairytale stories within the fabulously dressed windows at Christmas time in the big smoke. Here... have a gander for yourself...

It's amazing looking back and actually think about how much I've seen and done in the past year, considering I'm sat here right now feeling like it went by in a heartbeat! I was excitable yesterday when I looked back over my What I Wore Today drawings but looking back over these snapshots and thinking about the times I've had, I'm even more excitable! 

Not just because I'm pleased I managed to do so much but because I have 2013 on the doorstep now and even more adventures to plan and places to discover! *excited happy dance*

Did you discover new places in 2012? Maybe you discovered new restaurants? Foods? Towns? Shops? Countries? Whatever it was I hope you enjoyed it and I hope me sharing my mini travels and 'snaps' of the places I've been throughout the year has inspired you for 2013...

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