Friday, 2 November 2012

Remember remember the month of Movember!

As the magnificent month of Movember is once again upon us and seeing as I still can’t (thankfully!) grow my own Mo’ I will be showing my support and raising awareness in my own way. As well as donating and supporting the marvellous Mo Brothers I know, I will be doing my upmost to help out as a Mo Sista again.

But what am I doing I hear you say? Well... to do my bit and make up for a lack of real facial hair I will be donning and sharing moustaches in lots of various fun ways throughout Movember.
So far the month is looking like this...

1st of Movember: Is that the time? I really moustache!

2nd of Movember: Multiple Mo's and a manic smile (it was 6am!)

I shall be sure to keep you updated throughout the month but in the mean time I'd love to know what you'll be doing! Maybe you're growing a Mo? Maybe you're running a Movember team? Maybe, like me you just love a good moustache and are spreading the news in another way as a Mo Sista? Whatever it may be... I'd love to know how you are helping support such a fabulous cause!

Don't forget to visit the Movember webiste to show your support and check out the fabulous array facial hair and activities going on!

Here's wishing you all a Mo'st excellent Friday! 

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