Monday, 15 October 2012

Pssst! Festive pretties this way...

Ok so I've been a little quiet since the epic excitement that came with me completing my first half marathon at the end of September but there are some good reasons for this... well one bad, several good!

The not so good reason was that I was poorly the week after my run, I did my usual trick of trying to carry on living life at 100miles per hour and my body threw a wobbly and said "NO!" Nothing that a handful of days resting and gallons of tea didn't sort out though and I'm back on track now and have even been out running again so two thumbs up!

The good reasons are the festive pretties below which I have been working on. You might remember the new Festive Camper Van Cards I shared a couple of weeks ago, well now I have some Festive laser cut goodies too! These made an appearance last Christmas but only at a couple of fairs and I didn't make a huge amount so this is the first time I'm officially sharing them with the world...

If you fancy treating yourself or others to any of these festive treats, including any of the Festive Camper cards featured please don't hesitate to get in touch through my facebook pagetwitter or website.

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