Wednesday, 3 October 2012

My first Half Marathon.

Yup that's right, I did it! *slow achey happy dance*

After weeks of panicking and a lot of training I am so proud to be able to tell you all that I completed my longest ever run at the Robin Hood half marathon on Sunday! YAY!

My time came in at 2:35:57. A number I will remember forever I think after the excitement and mix of emotions it brought with it! I can honestly say I enjoyed the whole day and the people, runners and supporters, were amazing! Such a great day and such an immense feeling of happiness, relief, pride, tiredness and sheer amazement as I crossed that finish line that it will take until next years event to wipe the smile off my face!

So... I thought I'd boast and share some photos with you all to celebrate the achievement and also to shout about the fact that my feet, with lots of support have raised over £300 pounds for my chosen charities which I am over the moon about! 

If you haven't already and would like to you can still donate at my justgiving pages below. The best bit is at the end of the week I will be able to send this off for Boots to match my fundraising so that means I will have actually raised over £600 for these amazing causes! How awesome is that?!?!

Anywho, I'm off to nurse my achey legs and have a long soak in a big bubble bath with my book!

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  1. I thought about you yesterday; my Zumba teacher did her first half marathon alongside you - and let's just say she wasn't her usual bouncy self at class last night... in particular bending of legs seemed to be an issue! Hope the aches and pains are swiftly moving on - you did brilliantly!