Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Introducing my new... FESTIVE CAMPERS!

Yup, the nights are starting to draw in, the cosy PJs are going on and the hot water bottles are coming out of hibination. It's that time of year again when the festive doodles come out too and this year I've been doodling up different kinds of Christmas cards.

As I've probably mentioned a few times before... I would LOVE to own and WILL one day own my very own VW Camper Van. A sunshine yellow split, just to clarify. But until I can afford one I doodle lots of them and sell greeting cards which feature said doodles.

So this year I thought I'd doodle some festive ones for Christmas and this is the outcome...

3 campers and 6 different card designs all complete with there own recycled brown envelope and yours to take home for £2 each, 3 for £5 or 8 for £10. You can give a Camper Van for Christmas this year or better still buy them for yourself and have your very own collection of campers!

Please get in touch through my facebook page, twitter or at bonjour[at]hello-sunshine.co.uk if you're interested in purchasing some campers this Christmas.


  1. Ah they're really cute. I also dream of having a camper van.. one day!

  2. Having a camper van is really nice. You could go on a road trip or holiday in different towns in your country. Nevertheless, these are cute card designs! Very festive, indeed. Would love to hear about you getting a real camper van this time. Keep posting!

  3. So my husband and I were driving to dinner just now and saw a real brown reindeer van!! This was the first site that popped up on Google. :)

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