Thursday, 30 August 2012

12 new places in 2012 : Mini update!

Well it's been a wee while since I revisited this little gem of a goal from my 2012 hit list so I thought it was about time I checking in to see how I was doing!

So here's a bit of a re-cap... more as a reminder to myself that you lovely folk!

January took me to beautiful Oxford.

February involved a mini (chilly) adventure exploring Prague.

March wasn't an entirely new place but I made new memories in Matlock.

In April a long weekend in Brighton introduced me to a new restaurant!

May meant it was time for birthday fun times in Amsterdam!

June brought the jubilee and a craft fair in a new place on my doorstep : St Mary's Church

July was a month for weddings and a reception in Branston was my new place this month!

August... well I think I covered more new places in one month with my Jollies in India than in the whole year... so even though I may have revisited some places I've already been to this year I think I'll allow myself some slack.

So what will September bring... in all honesty I don't know but I'm mighty excited about planning an adventure to somewhere new, whether it's on my doorstep or that little bit further!

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  1. great blog Jo - amazing how much you can achieve in just a few months!